How do you define Bad Call Center Quality Services?

A frustrated call center agent

The Distortion of Voices occurs when the bandwidth of the internet network line the call center agency uses is too low. This is a way for them to save money, by bringing on customers, but, not increasing their bandwidth. If you want the best for your money, obviously you need to be able to differentiate between Good and Bad Call Center Quality services.

What distinguishes Top Companies from Corner Cutters?

For example, an airplane can hold 100 passengers and costs 1000 dollars to fly. In effect, it would cost 10$ per passenger to fly the airplane with no loss and no profit. You make money this way through:

a) Increase the price above 10$ per pax
b) Cut the cost of the airplane below 1000 per flight
c) Sell other services, like a movie, food, blanket etc.
d) ?????

But, the owners of less credible call centers just add more people on the airplane.


d) allows them to keep the cost low, not be efficient or smart, but, break rules and provide a lower product. 

In a word, the very definition of bad call center quality services are simply organizations that simply care about cutting costs. There is a need to regulate the Aviation Industry along with other Western industries. Essentially, this enables to stop unscrupulous business owners from working around rules that are meant to help and protect the consumer.

Of course, it’s obtuse to compare an airplane with too many passengers to overusing an Internet line. However, this is simply an illustration.
It is tempting to cheat the rules in this way to shortsighted business owners and seems to make sense to them. Without the proper infrastructure though, this might be a bad idea in the long run.

Having standards and integrity is the key to customer satisfaction.

Having standards and integrity is the harder path, but, it will give you long term customers and hard earned trust from them. That is invaluable. My company has been around a long time, survived some crisis and downturns, because our customers stuck with us.

Like any relationship, there are ups and downs, but, having trust and integrity will make the bond stronger than steel. Bad call quality is a minor issue, and maybe not so noticeable in the bottom line for the customer. Fundamentally, they think they are getting a better cheaper deal but they are upsetting their own customers, just a little bit.

Customer and Client Satisfaction is of Utmost Importance

If it’s only that one thing, it may never be an issue. The lack of integrity and desire to make a great service, shows that you cut corners in all other aspects as well. It’s an indicator of other tarnished aspects of that business.

Ultimately, to answer your question, it’s just a bad Internet line. We at iSuporta, have dual redundant lines, from 2 separate providers, and in 2 separate buildings. That’s the difference between a good and bad partner to work with. We are a Remote Staffing company and we work through providing your employees through Managed Operations.

In short you will still be getting your tasks done in your terms but it would be our infrastructure and support.

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