Debt Collections Services

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Debt Collection Services

If you own a fully fledged business, debt collection is among the essential aspects you don’t want to neglect. Often though if you’ve already been fortunate to have a lot of customers and accounts, then it can be a rather tedious job. This is why it’s advantageous to start outsourcing so that you can attend to your own core tasks and functions.

A good collections agent can compile the right numbers, filter out irrelevant information and collate your data in an efficient manner. A collections manager is skilled at extracting credit payments so you don’t have to do the dirty work yourself.

Here are some of the remote employees you can use if you outsource your collections needs.

Debt collector

You don’t have to go around making demands to those who owe you money. You can offload these fundamental collections tasks so the personnel who would follow up, make the calls and send in the invoices which you need. It’s necessary not to be so bogged down with these things so you can focus on the front end of operations.

Credit/collections officer

If you’ve lent money to people or have been arranging promos which allow people to use your services for credit, then making sure they pay up is critical.  People who are conscientious enough about their credit are bound to want to pay you. But it’s still necessary to stick to a timeline to ensure that these people pay you on time.

Accounts receivable management

As the debts are collected, it’s also fundamental to make sure these are recorded and tallied out with the rest of your financial assets. You can hire accounts receivable team which also consists of data entry personnel so they can ensure that the receivables are collated properly. If you outsource receivables management, it then becomes a sufficient process which garners you a chance to stay on top of your operational needs. asgkaskg1373457

Credit controller

This position can serve as a monitor of outstanding debts and also the management of those who request for credit. Don’t just allow anyone to borrow money and use your products and services for free, screen them first. A credit controller can afford you these privileges as it is important to check and balance those who intend to use your resources. Your tasks don’t just stop with debt collection but with the ability to establish and screen new customers.

Top 3 qualities of an Excellent Outsourcing Partner

Tech Support

The best outsourcing companies always provide tech support round the clock for their employees. Managed operations is the model for remote staffing where you are given the remote staff and the office equipment and space to manage your offshore operations as if you are managing field staff. Tech support consists of a shifting IT team ready to accommodate office workers or those working from home in quarantine.

Results Coaching

This is not freelance. If you outsource with iSuporta you will be given a results coach. You do not have to micromanage them anymore because your on site supervisor or results coach is going to make sure they comply with your KPI and metrics.

Full Cost Transparency

iSuporta is the only outsourcing company that provides you Full Cost Transparency to help you guide your decision making. We are a PEZA accredited facility and we are in compliance with the entire Philippine Labor Code. You will get highly motivated employees, paid twice as higher than most Filipino workers. Accounting and finance experts ready to attend to your collections needs.

Outsourcing makes sense if you don’t want to have to train and constantly manage in house staff and you can get people to get the job done for a 3rd of the costs while they get paid handsomely while doing the job.

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