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        Mobile app development outsourcing

    These days, mobile apps are even more popular because of how people are turning increasingly to doing things remotely because of the new normal.

    Long before the coronavirus pandemic, however, things were going digital with eCommerce and other b2b fields willing to fully embrace the mobile strategies.

    It’s important for you to find a platform but also you need to really think about what kind of people you are targeting to ensure the quality of work.

    If you find the right outsourcing partner, they can help provide you the platform and the processes to allow you to create the apps which foster solutions for your customers. If this is an independent app, then you ought to make it as good as the native apps of the specific users of those androids or gadgets your customers have.

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    Here are some of the qualifications you need from an outsourcing mobile app development specialist

    Relevant experience

    You need to hire a staff member who actually knows what the components you’re looking for are. Ideally, this person uses the websites and the kinds of technologies which utilize the same scenarios and UI/UX you intend to create. If you can find the right person, they automatically are able to make use of the programs you want to create and get you started with your mobile apps.


    Hiring a remote mobile developer requires you to tap someone who is genuinely interested in the field. You can’t just appoint people who are only out there because they need a job. In interviewing them, you have to gauge their level of interest through how they actively ask questions in the kinds of software you intend to develop.

    A passion for your industry

    It’s often critical that your outsource mobile app developer have some sort of knowledge for the industry you’re in. Whether it’s food delivery service, eCommerce, logistics or accounting, having a working knowledge of your niche can be useful. This usually dictates the decisions they make in terms of the UI and its usability. They can put themselves in the customers shoes and make decisions based on those, not just on what they think looks cool.

    Composition and aesthetics

    In spite of prioritizing function over form, there is also a need for your developer to care about aesthetics. It’s obvious that navigability don’t just come with a pretty looking UI, the user experience is also attributed to What and Where the users look. So having an eye for composition, placement and layout is fundamental. It’s very tempting to hire someone who is superb with Code, but make sure that as you hire your developers, make sure they are conscious about creating something that serves as a whole solution to your needs.

    Software and methodology

    The tools they use are of utmost importance. This is why, you need to find a mobile app developer who uses the platforms which you approve of. Through this, you can make your project properly and design it to the extent that you want and get actual results. You may need to test its compatibility for android or iOS but no matter what the case, your application needs to be as versatile as possible.

    Proficiency in code

    This should be pretty fundamental. But they need a level of proficiency in the code where they are able to take a complex app and make it into a simple app or vice versa. An app designer needs the sensibilities of the users but at the same time they ought to conform to the standards and parameters of the platform you give them to ensure that your projects are executed with immense precision.

    Wants to learn more

    If they’re really savvy with their code, that should not mean they aren’t interested to learn anything new. In fact, you may even hire a person who isn’t necessarily experienced in your industry but has a passion to learn. If they don’t know anything about the kinds of products you sell, then make sure that you actually have someone who is eager to add to the skills they have. This ensures constant growth for your remote staff and an environment where your platform functions because it is made by people who care.

    What you get from iSuporta outsourcing

    Remote staff of your choice

    Your offshore development staff conforms to the qualifications and requirements you indicate. It will be as if you are opening an offshore office and managing field staff, because we choose from the very best of IT professionals, willing and eager Filipino workers who know just as much, or more than your local talents in the States. We pay them twice as much as the usual staff and we are in 100% compliance to the Philippine labor laws.

    100% Tech support, office equipment and desk space

    We provide them the equipment and desk space they need in order to operate. We have been staffing people in our PEZA accredited offices for years which contain dual power and Internet. For Work from home arrangements in any given quarantine schedule in the land, we staff them with Superb Work from Home arrangements, testing their Internet connection and furnishing them the equipment to work remotely.

    In any case these are fully managed, fully accountable staff and you also get a Team Supervisor to ensure your mobile app developers are doing their jobs right.

    Face to Face calls

    We aren’t like any other business process outsourcing BPO firm, we allow clients to get hands on with their workers and in fact we collaborate with our own internal staff through Zoom and Slack ensuring that they are managed and thoroughly accountable in their activities. This isn’t a traditional outsourcing hub nor a sweatshop. And this isn’t freelance this is managed remote operations.

    Full cost transparency

    You won’t ever find any other outsourcing partner that allows for full cost transparency. We allow you to see what you pay for from the get go. In fact, you only pay as your staff are active. This isn’t freelance. We have higher management and your own supervisor to make sure your tasks are getting done. We’ve done remote staffing the right way long before the new normal, it’s time you start taking advantage of iSuporta managed operations.

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