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Why hire passionate & highly trained customer support agents

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Outsourcing Customer Service Pros & Cons

It is important to note how many businesses are shifting from their physical store setups to a more digital setup. In any situation, there is still the need for customer service. Good customer service is always a benchmark of any industry from hotel front offices, to shopping malls, and of course retail.

It is clear then how the coronavirus has left a lot of entrepreneurs relying on online sales because such considerations as delivery service areas are now more important to ponder that people are cocooning everywhere. Participating in the field of e-commerce has then become more a necessity than a choice.

Where people working from home and staying home can take orders via credit cards, this makes excellent customer service all the more necessary.

    Outsource Solutions require Innovation and Precision

    If you’ve thought about farming out some of your tasks to an Outsourcing company, then you’ve come to the right place. However, before some people even think about outsourcing they may have a list of qualms or pros and cons. This is what we’re going to address here on this page to make sure that you’re settled in on the idea of handing out some of your chores to an outsourcing provider. But without having to lose operational control or your own creative touches to the customer support experience.

    Save Money and Save Time

    You don’t have to worry about spending $1000’s of dollars renting an office just so you can hire a secretary or PA! Outsourcing gives you the kind of leverage you need because you get remote staff whom you can manage at the click of a mouse! This is Managed Operations, the Next Gen in Remote Staffing.

    Outsource Customer Support with American English

    Filipino agents have very good English, even better. A great customer support agent from the Philippines can emulate an American, British, Australian or Neutral English accent – which is what we recommend and cater to the immediate needs of your customers!

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    Full Cost Transparency for your Customer Support Needs

    We show you the price! We show you how much we’re spending and how much goes to your employee. This is the benchmark of what great customer service looks like and this is what we have to offer at iSuporta. We are the only call center that offers full cost transparency when it comes to your outsourcing needs.

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    Full Operational Control and YOU are in charge of the CX

    iSuporta offers Full Operational Control. We want you to be in charge of the customer experience. If you had a preferred way of doing things, then we’re here to provide you the software and the tools to make sure your CX is great. Plus you can have your own choice of collaboration tools and CRM’s. There’s nothing like working with a company you trust to build an excellent sales funnel and will keep your customers wanting to come back for more!

    • Inbound Calls Customer Support

    • Outbound Calls and Sales

    • Customer Follow-ups

    • Order Processing and Verifications

    • Data Entry

    • Outsourced Accounting and Finance

    • Outsourced Bookkeeping

    • eCommerce Web Development and Graphic Design

    • QA Testing for Software Apps and Web Sites

    • Results Coaching to make sure your CX is Top Notch

    What are the Cons of Outsourcing Customer Service?

    Outsourced customer support or call center outsourcing in general gets a bad rap because of several experiences entrepreneurs have with their outsourcing providers Here are several of the so-called cons of outsourced customer support and we’ll get into why you don’t have to fall into the same trap when you outsource with us.

    Will my outsourced customer support employee get paid adequately? I have had bad experiences where they charge me high but pay the staff low.

    Yes! And it’s hard when call center corruption and scandal is involved and this is something we aim to avoid. This is why we have our full cost transparency model and we want our clients to know that their money is going where it should.

    Your payments regardless of what outsourcing package you choose will go into paying your staff but at the same time paying for the overhead costs of renting an office. Still, a much cheaper price than having to hire locally!

    I can’t call my employees right, you’ll only update me every few months?

    No, you can call them any time during their shift! That’s the thing about our brand of outsourcing, we give you full operational control. It’s also easy if you want us to manage them for awhile while you’re away. And you can take full control of your remote employees if there are aspects of your operations which may require personal supervision.

    I cannot control quality and request for changes to my operations, right?

    You can! In fact, if something is wrong with the way you’re approaching the customer concerns, you can note those changes right away. We will take note of them for you if you want. But if you wish to supervise all aspects of the sales cycle initially, then that is what we offer you. Your own creative freedom to manage incoming concerns.

    Outsourcing customer support means service delivery is slower right?

    No! In fact we work in real time. We update you in real time. Choose the shift of your workers. If you want your customer support to happen while you’re sleeping then you hire Philippines days= shift customer support. If you want to work with them more or less you can hire mid shift or night shift workers here. You get to choose the work shifts of your employees!

    Is it true that cost savings are short term and high attrition rates means I will be paying more?

    No! We make sure your employees are highly trained and highly motivated outsource workers. We pay them twice the national average. That is because your low wage is our high wage. And you won’t be hiring a sweat shop, the Filipino workers here are passionate about your brand and they will take ownership of your products!