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    eKYC Solutions

    The world is increasingly going remote because of how cocooning is forcing people to stay at home and conduct their transactions digitally. The same is true for subscribers, ecommerce business owners and stakeholders in banks.  Using the right end-to-end identity verification solutions fight fraud and maintain compliance.

    facial recognition an integral part of KYC solutions

    This is where eKYC solutions comes in. eKYC (Know Your Customer) is a crucial aspect of working with people especially if you are going to be transacting money with them on a  regular basis.  In short, you want your ability to fight fraud and maintain compliance

    You want a company that offers identity verifications solutions to ensure that you are not housing the work of impostors, money launderers or worst, terrorist funding.  Sometimes eKYC – breakthrough solution helping banks and other organizations electronic data security needs. Integrating such solutions helps differentiate a fool proof practice from an amateur organization.

    If you want to start taking advantage of these customer due diligence (CDD) measures to secure your business practice, then iSuporta can provide clients solutions to manage their Know Your Customer databases and hiring the right staff members to oversee your needs. eKYC is a solution for the financial services sector yet it is also a solution for any kind of business which requires high levels of data security and participates in legitimate operations.

    Implementing your solutions

    If you are just a startup, then it’s perfectly possible to start thinking about using KYC and integrating it as part of your entire operations.  The first step is of course customer due diligence and making sure that every person who subscribes to your service is not an impostor. hhih36397hhixxhh

    We help our clients by providing solutions to manage, implementing multiple identity verifications to ensure that they’re not wearing multiple hats and deceiving your company.  Having encrypted end-to-end eKYC solutions for FI’s greatly reduces the risks to security and improves the workflow.  ID verification is paramount if you want to avoid fraudulent activities.Customizing your solutions

    You can choose the apps and software for deployment of digital ID solutions. It’s important to find a method that works best for you. If you need to hire IT Consultants to make sure you are making the right choices, then we can provide that as well. Our solutions enable you to continue to operate in the way you are used to and at the same time eliminates the need for guess work. You can focus more on finding new clients and release the worry that some of them are shady individuals intending to compromise your business.

    Onboarding and EKYC solutions vendor offerings

    As soon as you hire your remote (E)KYC staff, they will be trained with the use of the software and tasked to do data entry work and data management which eases the burden on your shoulders of needing to oversee the minutia.  It’s important to find ID and document verification solutions to streamline onboarding.

    Most businesses generally want to expand its KYC and due diligence solutions further into other opportunities, but it is best to start planning ahead and integrating CDD solutions into your pipeline the way you see fit.   At iSuporta we develop solutions to identify users to make sure that none of them are participating in any form of fraudulent activity.

    AML Solutions

    Taking advantage of the KYC or EKYC methods, you can start monitoring for Anti Money Laundering (AML) to ensure that your business isn’t being used as a Trojan horse from unscrupulous vendors or transactions. It’s ideal to be able to trace and track the transactions people make in your firm and this further allows you to legitimize their actions and spot any anomalies through the use of CDD technology as well.

    Protection and Default Solutions

    If you’ve come up with a plan on how you want to implement your EKYC routines, then having automated solutions is the best way to ensure that every customer is passing this test. You can also hire a Key Accounts Specialist to monitor these transactions and while the AI does most of the work, it is verified with the human touch just to ensure a 2 step process that maximizes the authenticity of the customers you entertain. End to end verifications fight fraud and  maintain compliance.

    Advantages to Outsourcing KYC

    There are several advantages to outsourcing EKYC, among them are being able to have piece of mind every time you assimilate a new customer. It avoids the unnecessary hassles of having to screen them manually. End-to-end identity verification solutions fight fraud, maintain compliance.


    Since CDD solutions are mostly digital and automated, you can be assured that the due diligence screenings you require will be conducted easily and without hassles.

    Cost efficient

    You don’t have to worry about mitigating losses due to unscrupulous transactions and the only customers you deal with are those who can afford your services and really want to work with you from the get go. AI-powered end-to-end identity verification and authentication solutions, today announced.  Verification and document verification are available to those who need them as well.

    Remote staffing saves time

    You don’t have to train your workers in house and spend loads of money providing them the Office Space and Equipment. At iSuporta, we provide that and more, and we also provide Supervisors to help you ensure your remote employees are doing their jobs right.  These solutions allow them to provide more quality care for customers because you know all of the security checks and identity solutions are taken care of.

    Want to take advantage of KYC outsourcing?  Contact us and we’ll help you out.