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Digital Marketing has become such an important aspect in today’s advertising environment. Social media has taken the world by storm. Ever since the beginning of the World Wide Web there has always been the proliferation of information, messages, images and video content that has become the benchmark of reaching people.

These days as Google has become the Number 1Searching giant, it has become essential then to be able to target the right people and assure that their reach is absolutely crucial. There cannot be any stone left unturned if you wanna reach the right audience. Below are just some of the major categories of Digital Marketing.

  1. SEO

Search Engine Optimization has taken rise as one of the most prominent forms of digital marketing. The thing is, before it was just as easy as building a website and you were good to go. But because the majority of People and Brands have been putting themselves online, then the way you frame your content and make it presentable is crucial in being searchable.

The goal of Search Engine Optimization is to make yourself Number One when someone Googles your name.

Or if someone Bings you for that matter.

There are a number of ways to go about this and these days Google has grown smart enough to flag you if you’re simply using underhanded techniques. The way to go about SEO is to actually make sure that what you’re doing is understandable and captures the attention of not just readers — but people who search.

People who are gonna type in the keywords of YOUR industry are the ones you ought to be thinking about in creating your SEO driven content.

  1. Content Marketing and Copy Writing

Copy Writing will always be a part of the advertising world whether in digital or its analog forms.

You’ve seen it in Billboards, Trucks and Sign boards.

But these days, advertising has gone digital and it has become necessary to some of the Best of the Best techniques of enticing copy to grab people’s attention but in context of a Digital Space.

Copy Writing, in context of Web based marketing is all about placing headlines, or short bursts of text across different materials including websites, emails or social media posts in order to entice buyers and let them be aware of your brand.

a hand holding some digital marketing and social media icons

Social Media platforms need to be organized and managed by your employees, that costs time and money, why not outsource them?

Content Writing can be broken up into different categories they can include:

a. Blogs

Blogs are the most popular form of online content writing there is. Anyone can do it OR almost everyone thinks they can do it. But there is an art and a science to writing the best blogs and these simply cannot be done on a speculative manner. Often, blogs can be reader friendly because they can include photos and videos and most of all links to your social media pages which people can click on.

Technical Articles

Sometimes, these can be research papers, or even White Paper articles. These are informative pieces of content that are written in a Problem-Solution manner.

Of course because of the advent of the World Wide Web, White papers can now be turned into digital documents or eBooks. They can be disseminated across the Net pretty easily and oftentimes are the hook for Lead Capture Forms.

If someone takes an interest, then you can get their information by having them fill out a form and then giving them their free Content.Emails

Email marketing is often the next logical step after you’ve captured the information of your leads and prospects.

It often starts with a question.

WordPress might say “Did you know that Paid subscriptions rank better than Free websites?”

In this example, their goal is to get you to subscribe to one of their plans. Of course it is true that you’d serve yourself better if you pay for a domain, but in this example, they also show and lay out the advantages and steps necessary for getting your website up and running.

Product Descriptions

These can be short and sweet and often technical and boring. Product descriptions might include how a product is used. If for example you’re selling a grill in your ecommerce website, you need to include all the specifications that readers would need in order to understand the nature of your products.

If you’re selling software applications, then your Content Writer needs to list down all the features and benefits and what versions there are.

Product descriptions are a science and you need someone to do them expertly.

Web Copy

Copy Writing for the Web or Web Copy is absolutely essential to get right and often is in line with the rest of your other strategies. Sometimes this needs to change from time to time to reflect the kind of brand you have.

Short bursts of Online Text are often crucial in order to capture the attention of readers.

The way you place them in the different corners of the website matters.

Video Marketing

TV and Video advertisements have been around since the golden age. And since the Internet, particularly social media has become the hub for visual media. Your videos need to be short, concise and understandable.

Video Marketing often requires the following talents:


This is the person who prepares the camera. You need a camera that at least records 1080p to ensure crisp and pristine HD output. Ideally they are equipped with the lighting and the tools that enable filing to be an efficient process so you can capture the amount of takes and coverage you need to create your advertisements.

Video editing

If you’re able to produce the video yourself, you might need the services of an editor who is able to put all these things together. It’s necessary because you may need to make cuts, changes, add music. And if you’re a Digital marketer, of course you’re going to need some editing tasks done.

Actors and Voice Talent

In creating your videos and audio visual content. It’s pretty obvious you’re going to be needing the services of Actors or Voice Talent who can be able to bring your message life. They need to be articulate, attractive and often people who look like those whom you’re trying to represent.

Sometimes, you might also need to employ a Writer to be able to develop your scripts and create them into something that reflects the nature of your online content.

If overseeing your digital marketing campaign is your passion and you can do it as a one man army if your practice hasn’t yet grown, then by all means see to it yourself.

BUT if growing and scaling has gone a bit challenging and your forced between the option of opening an expensive office over there OR incorporating where you may need to invest a speculative amount, have you considered a better option?

Offshore Outsourcing is often the best course if you want to be able to launch your Startup but without all the expensive costs.

Have you ever considered WHERE you can get the same Quality of Digital Marketing Specialists but at 70% the Cost?

Sometimes you may need to think about other talents in any case, the way you Structure and SHOWCASE your Brand is vital as this relates to Video Marketing.

  1. Graphic Design

Graphic design is a staple of many marketing materials. It’s important to get your message across in a way that accurately represents your brand yet is also great to look at.

Sometimes you can go for something complex, but also you can opt for something that is a bit more minimalistic.

In any case you need someone who is highly skilled with the software and tools to create you the logos you need. Sometimes they use Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Indesign, Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw or whatever tools you require.

It’s great if you can find a company who is also able to recruit the staff members who are willing to customize these things to the degree of your liking. The use of colors and the ability to create shapes, patterns and formations is absolutely crucial if you want to be an influencer.

  1. SEM and Adwords

SEM or search engine marketing often is intertwined with SEO. But if we want to talk about Adwords first, then that is basically Google’s flagship advertising system. It basically gives your specialist a list of keywords to bid on, and he is going to adjust the timing in which they appear, their frequency and how often they turn up.

Google Adwords is no joke and it’s very important to time.

SEM or Search Engine Marketing is also used interchangeably with the term “Paid Search” is used if you shell out a certain amount of cash and these comprise both SEO and SEM. Sometimes you might come across terms such as Paid search advertising, Pay per click (PPC) or Cost per Click (CPC).

With SEO it can comprise many kinds of search engines, but if you want to learn about how algorithms, then looking at Google is the right way to go to ensure a robust effort.

  1. Social Media Marketing

These days social media is the online home, hub, hangout and habitat of most people. Who of your friends doesn’t have a Facebook or Instagram? Digital Marketing requires you to actually advertise where people are already hanging out.

Facebook Pages have usually taken center stage as this is where people usually want to advertise their products and services.

A Facebook Page can be a certain personality, a brand, a movement or representing a business entity in its official channel.

But it’s not like you can simply pay a certain amount and have your Posts bandied all over the Internet and then you’re gonna get some clicks and conversions. No, you need to be deliberate about the way you fashion your posts.

A graph showing Social Media networks showing Facebook as the most dominant

A survey from awhile back shows that Facebook has been and still is the no. 1 Social Network people hang out on. It makes sense to capitalize on this built-in audience.

  1. Influencer marketing

In the age of social media marketing, getting someone with a voice to represent your product is absolutely fundamental. You need people who are able to speak the same language you do but at the same time already have a following of your own.

You might see this kind of marketing in Dr. Oz or in motivational speakers like Gabrielle Bernstein.

The only catch is you may need to find someone who is both affordable, but has a high enough profile on the Web that they can actually speak for your products.

But before you even get started, the one thing you should do is be of value to People. If there is no value in your brand, even if you got Ellen Degeneres to market your goods, then it’s useless!

Digital Marketing factors into Influencer marketing because Influencers whether they are advocates, attractive semi-celebrities or public speakers are still obliged to use the many tools of online marketing. They are still going to use SEO and perhaps even do a bit of blogging in order to speak a message.

For instance, if a man is wanting to search “How to regain your sex drive at age 60?” If there are viable, natural alternatives available – your influencer can get this message across, do a lot of comprehensive talks, podcasts and seminars on the product, so the item that you are selling can gain some sort of traction as well.

The above categories were simply created for the sake of simplification. As with Video advertising and Filmmaking, one of the oldest forms of Marketing crossing over to YouTube and Facebook, Insta influencing also uses SEO and SEM and so forth.

These days, it’s crucial to capture the attention of your audiences in a short period of time.

This is why Copy Writing is directly tied to Video Marketing and Graphic Design. People would only want to click on your links if there is a catchy enough title.

Of course, this isn’t suggesting that you resort to underhanded tactics like click-bait. Creating GREAT COPY means you are accurately representing the brand, the item or the entity you are selling but in a way that you use a little flourish or finesse.

It also is necessary to find the right people to create your Digital Marketing materials, for sure you can come up with your own – but if you don’t have the specific equipment and skill set to produce the items which sell, then all you’re left with is a lackluster campaign.

Lead Generation Strategies

This might be overlooked by newbie entrepreneurs, but if you’ve been around the Internet for awhile and have been assessing the waters on your own, you do know that having a sufficient lead sourcing campaign is important in targeting the right people.

There are qualified leads, and there are those who are only visitors to your website and home page.

Outsource your Digital Marketing

Why Outsource to the Philippines?

The Philippines is the number 1 hub for most Western outsourcing needs. There are a lot of companies for sure, but not all of them are gonna allow you to customize your operations.

Finding the balance is where you manage to locate a company and they still allow you the chance to customize the kinds of operations you are involved with.

Cebu, in particular is the country’s hub in Outsourcing Operations. Finding the right company means you’ll be able to create a viable means of operating without worrying about unpredictable costs.

The Qualities of World Class Outsourced Digital Marketing

Here are some of the things you can look for in a world class firm fully equipped to comply with your needs.

  1. Little to Zero Turnovers

Sometimes, outsourcing firms promise you a lower cost, and often at rock bottom pricing or in insufficient companies, you do indeed receive an artificial form of savings. But this won’t wash if your employees keep resigning.

Being in a company that MORE THAN adequately compensates its employees is important.Having highly motivated Remote Staff is paramount. The thing about iSuporta is your low wage over there is our High Wage here. Even with your expenses at 1/3 off your usual prices, this still means we pay them TWICE that of what Filipinos are usually paid. You will be getting the Best of the Best and their employee morale is going to be high.

  1. 100% Provisions on Office Space and Equipment

Seat leasing is of course a part of Hiring Outsourced Remote Staff. However, you don’t want just any Seat leasing company, you want a firm that has already been established, has its own clientele base to provide the testimonials and vouch for them but also is willing to customize the IT and infrastructure to tailor to your needs.

Tech Support is such an important aspect.

We use tools like Skype, Zoom and Trello. And for your Digital Marketing needs we can provide the Employees and their Software ranging from the entire Adobe Creative Suite to absolutely fulfill your needs.

  1. Results Coaching, Supervision and Customizable Operations

If you want a dedicated staff member, one of the keys to this is On Site Supervision. Sometimes they are called Results Coaches.

They don’t take your place, instead they compliment your role as the Manager.

We give you a choice between how much YOU want to manage youself and the aspects you want US to oversee and manage.

Remote Outsourcing is sometimes called Managed Operations or Managed Services.

We differentiate ourselves from Freelancing because we provide total accountability, absolute tech support and Full HR with Compensation and Benefits. All you do is pay as your staff is ready to go live.


Best Use Cases for quality data sets 

We focus on high level of accuracy, with internal training programs, and knowledge share, to make your Artificial intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and Natural Language Processing (NLP) project a success.


We take great pride in long term relationships

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Sophia Jones

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