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Hire and screen the best candidates for Real Estate Virtual Assistant. We provide the Office Space and Equipment, you tell us what tasks to do.

Real Estate Virtual Assistant at iSuporta

Benefits of Hiring a Real Estate Virtual Assistant

Realtors want speed and they need to be dynamic and up to date.

Most of the time real estate work is independent and you’re a one-man army.

Hiring a real estate virtual assistant makes things easier and faster because you can basically assign them any time-consuming administrative tasks you want.

Here’s a breakdown of the tasks you can delegate to a Real Estate VA:

  • Social Media – The best way to reach the largest audience possible is to hang out where they are already at — social media. You can delegate this task to your VA.
  • Data Entry – If you use your VA for data entry tasks, they can conduct some analysis much faster and generally if there are any customers you don’t want to contact anymore you can segregate them much easily. And keeping yourself organized in general helps you track leads much faster and in a more viable way.
  • Encode your MLS – Track properties and listings much faster.
  • Appointment Setting – If you have a hard time checking on all of your prospects, then you can delegate this activity to your VA.
  • Email Management – Too busy to check all your emails? Your VA can check these meticulously and make sure that viable leads are replied to and follow-up questions are asked.
  • Chat Support – Your VA will attend to any potential client concerns even if it’s as simple as your clients asking about your whereabouts.
  • Lead Generation – If you want your real estate apparatus to function efficiently, you can hire a real estate virtual assistant for this task. They can start looking for prospects across the channels which you choose.
  • Research Assistant – If you wanna learn about what houses your potential buyers are looking out for, then research is a part of this whole task and YES, your VA can do that for you.
  • Cold Calling – They can make phone calls also and arrange meetings with your clients. Or if you’re busy and you have a shift in schedule they can also accommodate those changes much easily.

Why Outsource Real Estate VAs to iSuporta

Our price for a Real Estate Virtual Assistant ranges from $9 – 14 per hour.

It depends on the skill set.

These values are estimates and right around the ranges you should be thinking about but precise quotes will be given upon your choice to outsource with us.

Here is a table to give you an estimate on your spending on Virtual Assistant Pricing:

Hourly Rate Monthly Rate
$9 $1440
$10 $1600
$12 $1920
$14 $2240

This table presents you working with a VA for 5 days a week 8 hours a day, 160 hours a month. Full Time. We can change those values for part time.

$14 per hour? Don’t worry those are our prices for higher end functions such as outsourced accounting or even social media coordinators with a high rate.

If you simply want a VA who is a generalist, then at $9 per hour you won’t be getting 9 dollars worth of work.

$9.00, the price of a virtual assistant in the Philippines is enough to give you the software and the hardware, and all the tools because of the low cost of living here.

That and a highly paid real estate personal assistant employee who is willing to help you and take ownership of your brand.

Frequently Asked Questions on Hiring a Real Estate Virtual Assistant

What are the steps in hiring a virtual assistant?

First of all, you may contact us to start looking for remote staff.

But if you want the specifics to be ironed out, we can consult after you send us a message so we can conduct a needs assessment.

Basically, we do pooling and then we can have you interview the shortlisted candidates so you can choose your favorite candidate.

What software can I use for my VA?

We give you the software of your choice.

If you want to use Quickbooks or Excel or Trello and Loom to communicate?

We will assist you there.

We can also give you the specs you need for your virtual assistant to complete their work.

Can I hire an American virtual assistant?

A native language Virtual assistant? No, but Filipinos are well versed and well-schooled in English and Western culture.

In fact, the Philippines is the call center outsourcing hub of Southeast Asia.

This is why if customer service is going to be a component of your real estate practice, we can find a VA with American English or at least a person who is intuitive enough to communicate with you.

What tasks can I assign to my virtual assistant?

You can assign any of the tasks you require! Sometimes the tasks can vary and you may also let them do more data entry than email management.

Sometimes you can get them to answer your phone calls or emails while you’re sleeping!

Or at times you can get them to track your listings.

Sometimes you can even hire a virtual assistant to perform your social media posts if it helps!

V.A.s and not just real estate VA’s are extremely versatile and you can assign them practically anything.

How often can I call my virtual assistant?

Call any time you want in their shift. You may manage them hands-on at first.

Or you can start leaving them to do their work but you’re never out of options because we make sure to monitor your remote employees’ functions through our Results Coaches.

Let’s Talk About Your Real Estate VA Needs

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