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Call center services outsourcing is getting obsolete. The Next Gen is Managed Operations in Remote Staffing. 

Full Pricing Transparency. And Full Operational Control.

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Call Center Cost Comparison – Outsourcing Calculator for Philippines Remote Staff

Our cost of $10 per hour does not equal to a $10 employee.    Cost of employee is 50% salary and 50% fees,  sometimes more, depending on what the employee needs.

Slide the blue button to see what the cost comparison would be.

our $10 Includes:

  • Taxes (local,state, fed) + Insurance + Health
  • Insurance, Bonuses, Time off.
  • Employee Supervision and Management.
  • Office facilities – Desk, Computer, Wifi, Printer.
  • Education Level

Outsourcing Costs must include Overhead, IT and Infrastructure

Typically call center services outsourcing allows you to make choices in terms of your employees, software, IT and hardware and we all provide those, that is a given! What makes iSuporta the Next Gen in Call Center Outsourcing is our MANAGED OPERATIONS business model.

This is where we give you full operational control, and Full Cost Transparency. There are no hidden charges! Pay only as your employees go live.

iSuporta Virtual Assistant Salary Employee
Monthly Pay $1,690 $3,300
Over Head $0 $1,650
Benefits / Taxes $0 $990
Total $1,690 $5,940

Employee Cost Comparison

Although price isn’t everything, it is something,  especially when it’s 3x more expensive when all costs are incurred.   Not to mention addition efforts of doing the actual management.    Focusing on your work is best,  and leave the management of the operations to us.  We will get it done for you

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