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Covid-19 has put Telehealth and Home Healthcare at the forefront. A part of ensuring quality health care in the States is the use of contact tracing. The reason that Sars-Cov-2 (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome, Coronavirus-2), the virus that causes Covid-19 spreads is because of the movement of people and it’s ability to jump from host to host. Sars Cov-2 is a nefarious variant of the original Sars in 2003, now called Sars-Classic by the International Committee on the Taxonomy of Viruses (ICTV). As we speak, the WHO has urged many world governments to place their cities on lockdown.

contact tracing infographic an essential aspect of public health

But we can’t stay on lockdown forever. The economy must be allowed to move.

Hence the use of contact tracing, in a word, the ability to spot diagnosed confirmed people carrying the Sars Cov-2 virus, and the ability to trace their close contacts to prevent the further increase of Covid-19 cases.

Here are some of the qualifications of contact tracers should you choose to hire them.

1. Health related professionals

In the Philippines we have doctors, registered nurses, and licensed medical technicians, if you’re going to talk about tracing whom people come in close contact with, that’s easy. But it’s always good to hire a team whose expertise is in the specific field you’re working with.

2. Great work ethics

Since making a list of contacts, it is imperative you hire workers with an excellent work ethic. Tracing is an essential tool and because it might involve a lot of consolidation and data entry tasks, you need people who are ready to step up to the plate so they can easily track the number of contacts the people have. The process of doing this is intricate and must conform to strict guidelines to prevent the further spread of Covid-19.

3. Sensitive to sociocultural issues

Since minorities and non-white communities might be affected with Covid-19 because of lesser access to healthcare, then the workers whom you hire are going to be trained with racial issues, gender related conversations and the ability to discern how these affect the spread of the coronavirus across specific communities.

4. Critical thinking

If you’re talking about statistics and the movement of people, it’s important that your contract tracer also be a person who knows how to make sound judgements on their own. If there is a circumstantial spread of coronavirus somewhere but the CDC has labelled it otherwise, then your contact tracer needs to make choices to input their statistics.

5. Superb English

In the Philippines, the country has the best English speakers in Southeast Asia, many of them college graduates and highly trained in writing for research and social statistics. Creating abstracts, summaries and descriptive elements certainly carry over to the job of a person whose purpose is the tracing and the leading to isolation of patients. For the purpose of standardization and clarity, superb English skills are a must.

6. Computer savvy

It’s indispensable that these people have the skills with a computer. Your preferred method of contact tracing may rely on a huge proportion of numbers, chunks and strata of population. Hence computer savvy skills is a requirement as tracing is an essential tool. Tracing is not always the most efficient measure, but it can be a very helpful way to track people, facilitate isolation and stop the spread of the novel coronavirus.

Why choose the Philippines?

At iSuporta we are a PEZA accredited outsourcing facility, in conformance with all Philippine Labor Laws and standards of private sector operations, also currently in compliance with all Covid-19 mandates in the region.

College graduates

We can offer college graduates who are paid well, highly motivated and willing to find work that is essential and suits the global economy particularly under the new normal and what the current needs of the global market are.

100% tech support with remote staff and their equipment

We provide tech support, equipment and office space for our workers. If there are those who work from home, they are monitored as they work and kept accountable with our results coaches and managers making sure that you get a managed remote team, not freelancers who are out to short change you.

Save on operational costs

We’re already leasing to you the seats, computers, operations and staff. You only pay as your staff goes live. It won’t make sense to open an office back home where overhead costs might shoot up in this new economy. We provided managed remote staffing, and the ability to stay hands on with your contact tracing operations. This ensures 100% quality output and constant accountability because your results coach ensures they are doing their jobs right.

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