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Medical Transcription Services

The medical field is a complex and intricate discipline. It’s about making people’s lives better. And of course in order for doctors to improve at their craft they’re gonna need all the help they can get. 

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In the field of healthcare, it’s vital that as these things are recorded, further research is done. Essentially, organizational changes are implemented and more improvements are made for the betterment of any medical practice. Sometimes, they also function as registered healthcare documentation specialists.

Some of the major fields in Medical Transcription are: 

  • Surgical 

It’s absolutely important to learn what took place during the course of a surgery. You ought to oversee these so that doctors can refine their processes. It helps if the transcriptionist has a basic knowledge of anatomy. Obviously, this means they can provide doctors the descriptions and shorthand to accomplish these tasks.

  • Radiology

Transcribing the radiology procedure is critical. These transcriptionists carry the tedious and critical job that all pieces of information are put to paper and recorded properly. There needs to be an accurate inclusion of these things to avoid an occurrences of misdiagnosis. At times, there are multi-faceted 

  • Neurology

The nervous system is complex and is basically the integration of all bodily processes. Usually, it is always necessary to get into the more complex aspects of procedures. The nuances of these procedures are then taken into account. Following this, recording then this helps people gain a grasp on those facets.

  • ENT Transcription

Ear, Nose and Throat professionals encompass the ability to judge them properly. Chart notes, surgeries and patient’s updates are all critical aspects to record so it’s important that these are all addressed properly. Mostly, there are different functions an ENT does. Moreover,  they address hearing issues, throat, and head dysfunctions. 

Clearly, there needs to be some metrics that people ought to follow.

The best way to proceed is to hire a company which provides highly motivated and well-trained Remote Staff . Ideally, they can provide you the Remote Staff you need all in compliance with ICD-10 and HIPAAA standards. 

Recordings can be sent to your employees through a secure server. In this way, we assimilate them into our database where we store it confidentially and up for transcription.

  • Strict Terms and Conditions

You lay out the terms and conditions and we comply with these requirements and specifications. Remember that most information in this field is confidential, so you can very well dictate and we make sure your staff delivers. 

  • Text-Based Output

The transcriptions are then outputted to the text file in the format you choose. These are essential for following up and admin concerns. We can use the word processors of your choice and we can connect with you via the online channel you require.  Encryption is also very important and you can trust that your files will travel through a highly secure and encrypted system.

  • QA Assessments

Reviews are always important to us. There needs to be a certain level of precision done so these are then executed with uttermost sufficiency. Not only can your offshore Supervisor handle this with your remote team, but you can also have online meetings to make sure that everything is in order.

Since we offer custom remote staffing, here are a couple more qualifications you might think about some additional qualifications for them. 

  • Experience being in physicians offices

This way, they have an idea of how things go in a clinic or during an operation. 

  • Continuing Education

If your transcriptionist at least has taken units as a medical technician or knows a little bit about nursing, they can have an easier grasp when it comes to spelling, grammar and punctuation and the doctor’s dictation automatically becomes second nature to them. 

  • Experience with Recorded Dictation

You can also choose someone with Transcription experiences per se. It’s not enough to be medically savvy, you also need to be able to put audio to paper easily. 

After you’ve chosen the right staff, you can then discuss the terms of your workflow.

Medical transcription has a specific and stringent workflow.

You should that all of these are in order. Sometimes, the tools involved are speech recognition software, pedals or simply multimedia apps that enable your team to capture the full extent of the content. It goes without saying, we take reports extremely seriously so you can also request for someone with many years of experience.

There are certificate programs which offer to qualify the same positions.

The field of medicine encompasses a lot of moving parts. You can help your doctors focus on their work if you provide them the right staffing capacities when it comes to admin tasks. Often, you will want a full time specialist so that all your needs are met. Obviously, they can go through tedious documents to deliver your documents in time.

Hiring an offshore Medical Transcriptionist means you don’t have to worry about inflated overhead costs. If you appoint your staff from a country that affords you top of the line services, that is a safe and predictable investment. 

You can appoint a transcriptionist with multiple skill sets.

They can be as versatile as you want them to be. The transcriptions range from audio and video and you can send as your raw files. Basically, can also ask them about converting your audio to different formats to make sure that your health information documents are taken care of. It is essential then that patient care is taken care of. 

Generally, they also function as medical transcription editors. They look at and inspect medical records. Essentially, this is a multi-layered task. 

We are Managed Operations. We Do Not Hire Freelancers.

iSuporta is a Managed Operations company that allows you to choose offshore staff to comply with your tasks. It’s not advisable to hire home based workers. Unless of course, that is what you want.  We DO NOT offer you work-from-home bums or freelancers. It’s important we ensure the quality of services that you receive. 

In the Healthcare field and other industries the best way to commit to offshoring is to appoint an office for hire that complies with your needs. 

For even more convenience, we also assign an on-site Supervisor to make sure that all your required output are delivered on time.

Your medical transcription tasks are delicate so we handle them with most sensitivity and care. Your operations are our priority.

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