How to Avoid Turnovers – Inbound, Outbound Call Center Services

Here is the proverbial million dollar question, how do you avoid low employee turnovers when the people you’re hiring are usually assigned low level and repetitive tasks?

For that matter, how do you find the right people to do those things for you when you yourself find these routines tedious and repetitive?

I tell you, if you’re even asking questions along these lines, it’s because you haven’t been exposed to other forms of Outsource Remote Staffing.

Inbound Call Center Services require Visible Management

Depending on where you’re coming from, call center jobs can be a challenge and even worked into a fun, daily, routine depending how well managed your staff are. Most people think of call centers as huge assembly lines were people take calls and are disgruntled all the time.

If you listen to their concerns though, that means you care about them and they’re likely to respond if you want any adjustments made on the job.

Pay them well – Call Center Services can get you more for Less

How can you think about upping the ante in compensating workers when you barely have the time or resources to get a startup up and running? This is because of the low cost of living in the Philippines. If you pay them high, then they’re likely to do their work and stay happy while helping you out.

Your low wage in the US is our high wage in the Philippines. You want people who are happy to come to work and eager to find solutions to your problems.

Set Realistic Quotas and Metrics – Call Center Services are Systematic

You should also set realistic quotas and metrics. If your example, you hire an order processing specialist or an appointment setter, you don’t want to go overboard with how much you expect from them on any given workday. You want People to work for you, not robots.

Set realistic quotas and metrics and they will respond through a systematic manner of work which is the benchmark of all BPO operations.

Set your quotas and at the same time expect them to give you the quality and quantity of the results you need from them.

Pay their Benefits – Inbound Call Center Services reward Employees with Benefits

You should also pay their benefits. Fortunately, when you Outsource with us, we automatically take care of compensation and benefits for you. In the Philippines we have SSS, PAG – IBIG (Home Development Mutual Fund) and PhilHealth, these are 3 government remittances which every working Filipino expects if they are employed in a stable job. This is what will allow them to take out loans, allowances or mortgages if they’re planning to get started in any aspect of their infrastructure and life plans.

iSuporta gives you the chance to indicate your quotas and expectations and we take care of everything else, including the Benefits.

Incentives and Pay Raises – Call Center Outsourcing thrives on Incentives

You can also pay them bonuses and incentives through rewarding their performance. If they’re doing good, then don’t hold back, give them the remunerations they deserve and even give some of your workers a pay raise. These don’t have to be done on a whim, you can set a bonus structure and allow people to give their best shot so when they perform to their utmost capacities, they can be given the rewards and the incentives which in turn will help them grow their careers.

Ultimately, you have to be there for them. You can’t just put them in a box and leave it all to your Results Coaches. Make sure you speak with them from time to time. Face to face calls are great and addressing any concerns your remote staff might have is key to maintaining a relationship with them. This ensures worker satisfaction and they’ll be meeting your quotas.

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