Call center effectiveness is measured with quantifiable rubrics and KPI’s but most of all you can tell because you’re getting your bottom line while you and your remote employees are happy and passionate!

How can you measure call center effectiveness?

The key to effective outsourcing is finding an outsourcing company who knows your needs but can actually deliver over time.

You might be tempted to farm out a couple of tasks for $5 an hour on Upwork, and get things cheap, but if you want people who will stick with you and take ownership of your brand, then that requires you to think about the quality you’ll be getting.

Here are some of the main factors which are a good measure of call center services effectiveness. If you want to hire quality customer service agents and other call center functions, then you need to keep some factors in mind to make sure that you’re getting the most for your money.

  1. Highly paid workers3 outsource employees

This doesn’t mean call center staff are paid the equivalent of $6000 per month, but if you go for low balling sites such as those who barely compensate their call center staff or outsource staff, you can expect people to do haphazard work, not care about your KPI’s and only wait from paycheck to paycheck.

What if I told you that a Call Center in the Philippines, one that focuses on no-nonsense, fast, turn key operations can give you a top notch college graduate at the rate of $10 per hour? That’s around $1600 per month per employee if you hire full time, and we already pay for overhead costs and their compensation and benefits.

  1. Full operational control

It’s good if a small business owner like you and me can afford to give a series of quotas and sales metrics for a given time and expect results within the next 3 months or so. It’s another thing if that call center usurps your operations and does things their own way without providing you the operational control you need.

iSuporta is Next Gen Outsourcing, iSuporta Call Center Philippines gives you a choice between how much you manage, and we manage.

  1. Full Cost Transparency

This is the most significant measure of call center effectiveness right here. Full cost transparency is important to make sure that none of your employees are getting short changed. If there is full cost transparency if where your money is going, then you are free to give commissions and incentives to your staff and you know they are being given their worth.

iSuporta is Call Center in the Philippines with Full Operational Control

We don’t just offer traditional call center outsourcing. Because that won’t do. We offer something called Managed Operations. This means not only do we provide you the staff and the software, we also provide you full control of your operations. It’s the same as managing field staff and you save on overhead costs than you otherwise would.

At $10 per hour per employee, if you hire full time, you’ll be getting a highly paid and highly motivated employee who will not only accomplish your tasks but they will also take ownership of your brand.

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