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    Call Center Services – Why the Philippines?

    You probably think of a call center as a bunch of robotic employees sitting on chairs, taking calls all day long and people who live waiting for their next paycheck.

    True, those kinds of call centers are called sweat shops. They are assembly lines and sometimes, they can be crowded, busy offices where there’s no semblance of humanity inside.

    Those are not the kinds of offices you should hire nor are they the options you ought to consider in call center outsourcing.

    Call Centers in the Philippines hire College Graduates

    You don’t want to hire freelance when you’re considering the option of outsourcing. College graduates form most of the Philippine workforce. People who are highly trained in accounting, bookkeeping, customer service and even industries such as healthcare and mass communications. You can be guaranteed top quality professionals whether you want menial tasks such as data entry for Virtual Assistants, or those requiring the services of SEO and Digital Marketing.

    Hiring quality staff means you’ll be getting people who are highly motivated and highly trained. They won’t be just showing up on an assembly line.

    They will use your quotas and your metrics as a challenge and they are often motivated to do things better than themselves.

    American English or British English – Customer Service Agents with World Class Accents

    Filipinos are trained in American English, British English or neutral English. Filipinos don’t have an accent and that can give you an edge in hiring your customer service team. You want people who sound personable and can relate to to the clientele base you’re having. You can also train them the specifics of your industry and they will take ownership of it.

    Save Costs

    You don’t have to spend as much when hiring an outsource team here! Why? Because the low cost of living allows you to spend less but get high quality workers who can give you their best work. If you have to train employees back home, you’re gonna spend for their equipment and also getting them some office space in which to work. iSuporta can give you all that and more.

    Call Centers in the Philippines offer Multi Services

    You won’t just be getting call center agents for inbound customer service. You’ll be getting a host of other services including content marketing, sales, graphics and even virtual assistants if you have a host of other tasks that you would like to delegate to us.

    Call centers don’t typically conform to the cliche image of people taking calls and speaking to irate customers all day long.

    Outsourcing to a call center Philippines can give you much leverage in your operations. You would not have to spend that much and you can still manage remote staff as if you’re managing field staff. It’s the same thing.

    The only difference is you do it remotely.

    Call Centers like iSuporta have Results Coaches

    It is not ideal to hire freelancers because they typically are employees who have their own agendas. Call centers like iSuporta have Results Coaches they are people who make sure your staff are performing well and conforming to your metrics.

    We also offer Full Cost Transparency.

    You know what you’re getting from the start. There are no hidden charges so there’s little to no risk if you have a clear plan on how to outsource and the things you’re looking for in growing your global team with us. This is where you can get started in achieving your goals pay less but get more.

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