Digital Marketing is an absolute requirement for any company that wants to succeed in their day to day activities. The Logistics and Shipping Industry needs to be managed onshore for the most part. Managing field staff is crucial, and you cannot just farm out any tasks to a 3PL or 4PL provider when certain things need to be overseen personally by yourself.A Female Digital Marketing Employee with a Headset and Computer Monitor

But if you want to hit the international market, you may need a helping hand in getting your brand out there so that your products and services can easily be noticed.  Another thing you have to oversee yourself is the kinds of people you sell to because no third party admin, shareholder or Remote Employee can tell that for you.

But Telesales is such an important aspect especially if you’re still growing your company. Telesales can often go hand in hand with Digital Marketing. Being successful means you are able sell your Products and Services to the right people while you retain customers and find new ones.

And here are some of the things that you can delegate to your Digital Marketing and Telesales team.

  1. Market Research

This is an important first step. Being able to reach the right audience is necessary if you wanna go into untapped territory. You can equally tell your Market Researchers to look into the specific nuances of the regions you plan to advertise to.

Don’t jump into the water if you you don’t know what you’re doing.

But if you’re more or less sure about what you want, then the other facets of Sales and Marketing soar.

  1. Logo Making

It’s paramount that your logo easily distinguishes your brand. It needs to be understandable. And it needs to be memorable. If you want an example of simplicity, then FedEx and its purple and orange hues are simply yet the motion forward of the logo text Fed and Ex can easily be associated as a subliminal image of a truck.

You can even draw the logo on paper and have your Outsourced graphic designer match that logistics logo design on Corel or Illustrator.

  1. Cold Calling

When it’s time to actively tap some potential customers, you want people who are trained in finding the emotional hook that can make them resonate with the kind of industry you operate. A good cold caller is not only a sales person, but also is great in establishing rapport because you take an interest in someone. They in turn, can take an interest in you.

Successful sales calls require both initiative and skill. Sales teams can often integrate with the marketing team of your firm.

How to Outsource Digital Marketing

Since you probably are an American, British or Australian brand it’s important that you can reach the sensibilities of Westerners and Easterners alike.

If you appoint people in Southeast Asia, the Philippines in particular are competent. They know the sensibilities of other Asians. With that in mind, an EXCEPTIONAL Digital Marketer would even know how to custom tailor your message so it not only reaches the right people. Usually, the message resonates well with everyone also.

Being successful demands the best of the best from your Remote Team.


You don’t want to rank for your Company name. For example if you were FedEx, you don’t wanna rank for FedEx because that’s just like ranking for your first name. But if you hire superb search engine optimization SEO specialists, they can very well take from the best keywords and searches. Also, and organically link that with your Company website, its social media accounts and your blogs.

SEO is an ever changing field and these days, there are no hard and fast rules. So in hiring a Remote Team for Logistics, you might as well find people who are well rounded and who are capable of SEO, SEM, Google Adwords and other tools.

Appoint people who know that there is no gospel for right and wrong but at the same time are determined to meet your own bottom line.  You need to have a digital marketing plan, yes, but your manner of supply chain management isn’t the same as every other logistics provider out there. You can be successful if you combine being earnest about your brand while at the same time learning to employ the initiative it requires for the proper management of your SEO.

Traditional Marketing

Traditional marketing is still an important facet in Advertising. This includes Copy Writing, Video Ads and Graphic Design.

Though with Graphic Design, you may very well incorporate the same rules of thumb that are used in billboards. You want to make sure that the ratio of Images and Text is just right or the Fonts are imposing enough or perhaps your headline is catchy.

Even though your Logistics Marketing tactics are employed online, you would still need to adhere to the classical ways of advertising. Every digital marketing activity is composed of Aesthetics and Words.

So using the right marketing teams and hiring the proper

Email Marketing

You can reach people directly through hiring a Copy Writer or a Lead Gen/Sales staff who is excellent at crafting catchy and engaging emails that may entice a CEO, a shareholder or a Manager to take advantage of the services that you offer. Digital media is numerous, and to this day, email marketing is still used to tap into a specific niche of individuals.

But all forms of written content are the same – they need to be Hypnotic, but sincere, addressing the needs of the stakeholder is vital. Logistics management requires you to hire people with initiative.

Social Media Marketing for Logistics.

LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram all these and more channels are noteworthy sources of putting your brand out there.  The key here is Not just Content but WHEN you Post the Content. Social Media Marketing is a different form of advertising where you simply put stuff on your Web site.

It’s far more interactive, more of an outreaching platform, and it helps if you can take advantage of the seasons — without being condescending — so that you can put forth your logistics shipping industry brand out there with the priority of making sure what sets you apart from other Supply Chain Management providers different.

Highlight what makes you unique from other Supply Chain Management companies.

You can also relate your social media strategy to whatever products and industries you cater to.  If there is a wholesaler you like, then what gives you more value than other Supply Chain providers?

You can also ask your Outsourced Digital Marketing team to post pictures of your site, your office, your warehouses, your dispatchers and your trucks.

Social media is an excellent platform to become transparent about the offerings that you make but also provide consistent updates on your activities.  You want to take them through the customer journey so that whatever digital platforms they are in, they will have a satisfactory association with your brand.

Logistics Virtual Assistants

Virtual Assistants can come in handy because they can very well serve as Telesales, Marketing and Digital Marketing roles. As long as you give them workable metrics and you define the terms of what it is you need to get organized. They can do things Manually, or they can do Marketing Automation if they’re trained in the strategies you require of them.

But never lean too heavily on one thing. Whether it’s Automation or SEM, or Google Adwords. Use what works best.

A great virtual assistant can serve as a telesales representative or a data entry clerk whenever you need them to. You can put them in charge of your social network, but at the same time you can train them to be well versed in your Supply Chain operations.

Find the right BPO to become your 4PL Logistics Partner

With this in mind it’s necessary that you are the Captain of the boat in all your Online Marketing efforts. Supply Chain Management isn’t something to be taken lightly, it has many facets from Order Taking to Customer Service, it makes sense that your brand is visible out there on Desktops, on Mobile Devices and across all marketing channels that count in adding to your bottom line.

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