How is Outsourcing beneficial to business?

This is a good question, and truly particular to the business at hand. It’s not the right solution to everyone. Nothing ever is. There is no silver bullets for success in business. So, it’s hard to answer this general question about Outsourcing. But, let me try.
There is many different words used, that more or less mean the same thing. Outsourcing, Offshoring, BPO, Call Center, contact Center. etc..
There are a few ways that outsourcing can be beneficial, it’s all based in the strategy the company uses. The most obvious one is Cost Reduction. For a process oriented job, especially if there is multiple positions, outsourcing is a great idea. Especially if you will go offshore. The people else where have a great attitude, intelligence but, live cheaper than do westerners.

Quick and Easy

Outsourcing also gives you a turnkey solution. You put your raw service or data in, and you get something out. Automakers do that a lot. They give specs to a tier 1, tier 2, or tier 3 supplier, and they get a product back. For example, Ford doesn’t make Air Conditioners. Nippon Denso does. So, Ford tells them the details, and then, ND sends back trucks of these units that are plug and play.
You Outsource at home, the making of bread, or Sugar. You outsource at Restaurants. Etc etc.
Humans have been outsourcing since dawn of time. Division of labor and roles is an ancient thing.


Sorry to be speaking of generalities, but, it was a general question.

So, generally, I’ve seen some basics that are a no brainer, like collections calling (nagging), or follow up with thank you’s or welcoming verification, Most of our clients use our “cloud” operations. We specialize in one vertical, and get a team doing one job very very well. We have a few of these teams, that include all the tasks our clients need, so, they can maximize knowledge sharing.

Using an example of cooking something. You can have one in home chef. They do it all, one person, expensive. Or, you can have a bunch of small teams doing everything separately.. So, one team does vegetable prep, the next team are pro’s at Fresh noodle making, the other team run the stove, we have professional serving people, professional cleaners and a bunch of people doing dishes at the end. Usually for the price less than the original chef.

Ironically, the Chef is a nice touch in a fine dining experience. So, you still want to see him/her. I would still hire the chef, but, I’d make them more efficient by having that team behind them, So, the chef can be a “presence” and “sell” how beautiful my restaurant it. Not stuck in the doldrums of chopping onions.
This is how a business can use Outsourcing properly.

The big question, is who do you trust, and who is a good partner for the outsource staff. The outsourcing is a no brainer.

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