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    It’s important for you to care about the health of your remote employees. If you’ve decided to outsource some of your tasks and you’re working with a remote team, it’s vital that they’re not only efficient but generally happy with their work.

    Managing remote employees can be a daunting task but if you already know the right tools, it should not be so difficult a chore to work with them. But it’s important they’re motivated at all times. It helps if you have an idea of the people you’re working with beforehand.

    If you’ve taken up Work from Home arrangements because of Covid-19, there are some principles at work to make sure your remote team is generally happy and they are not having any mental health issues.

    1. Face to face calls with remote employees

    It’s necessary to get in touch all the time. If you’re fully remote then regular interactions with them aside from checking on their tasks and projects is a fundamental aspect here. If you make it a point to call them regularly, this shows that you care about them and they’re right on track with the activities you give them.

    1. Give them something which focuses on their core competencies

    If you give them something they are passionate about and you know is within their realm of specialty then the more they will be motivated to work with you. It’s a matter of aligning their skill sets so their tasks are going to be productive and they’re going to enjoy what they’re doing anyway.

    1. Ask your remote team about their family

    Asking about their family situation, wherever appropriate is also ideal. This ensures that none of them are going to feel left out when it comes to their personal needs. If you care about their overall situation which encompasses their remote work, and their personal lives, then they will appreciate you more for it.

    1. Perform ice breakers with your remote team

    It’s important to also get involved in ice breakers aside from your regular team meetings. Have a short film showing or live chat with them. It’s necessary to ensure that they feel part of a team in spite of the work from home arrangements.

    1. Ask them if they have other things going aside from their remote job

    If they have a business or they have other pursuits aside from the work from home job you have given them, then find a way to support them as long as it does not get in the way of their daily tasks. Showing you care about the same things they care about ultimately is what contributes to job satisfaction in remote workers as well.

    1. Ask them to seek counseling

    If they need it then tell them to seek counseling if they need the help of a professional mental health specialist. Even if you are the manager of a growing small business ecommerce company, then you can’t be the one who gives them the professional psychotherapy. If it is possible, then enroll them in online counseling programs or come up with your own company’s program to take care of their mental health.

    Mental Health in Remote Staff is Paramount

    Mental health in your remote employees is fundamental. Even if they’re really good with customer service and satisfying your web site designs and digital marketing and such, they cannot function well if something is bothering them.

    If it helps, then support them with their government benefits, pay them on time and make sure they stay motivated enough so their performance is going to be top notch.

    If you make your remote team a place where people can openly share and express their points of view, then that is conducive to having a workforce where you are all dynamic and they will end up caring about the quality of the output of your tasks.

    Keep them Accountable and Give Quotas

    Keep in mind to give them specific quotas as well. Quotas can keep people well motivated. And this is important because if your employees know what to do, there is a higher chance they will do their jobs more efficiently. Keeping in touch with them is fundamental to maintaining a connection with your remote employees.

    If they haven’t been able to go around or travel a lot because of Covid-19 then this is something which ought to be addressed. Having productive and fun activities with your remote team is a way to get over these feelings as well.

    If you can then pay your workers right. Getting them the right compensation is crucial so they can be able to move about and secure their daily needs. If you find the right outsourcing partner though, you will be given remote staff who are equally highly paid and motivated individuals as well.

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