How to Motivate your Outsourcing Team

Outsourced bookkeeping is among the functions that you want to delegate if you’re already making sales and if the inflow and outflow of cash and revenues in your company is already consistent. In the beginning, it’s good if you can handle this on your own, but over time, you’re going to have to hire an outsource team to complete these routines if you want them done in a timely fashion and if you want your time freed up to focus on the tasks which you do best.

Outsourced bookkeepers help you keep track of your spending and your collections. Through organizing these numbers, you’re able to see what you need to do at a glance and you can make more informed decisions about how you want to proceed. Outsourced accounting is a science and you need people who are scientists in this field, so to speak to execute some of these tasks.

  1. Pay them well.

The reason why the Philippines is becoming no. 1 in Outsourcing is because of the quality of the workforce. Many of the workers are college graduates and most of them have professional CPA’s and are very well qualified in performing your bookkeeping tasks.

Filipinos also have a low cost of living. Think about never having to spend more than $10 per hour and $1600 per month for a full time employee. The low wage in the States is a high wage if you convert it to Philippine Pesos.

You won’t be getting assembly line workers, you’ll be getting fully fledged professionals who are happy to do their work for you and the only way you can do that is through partnering with an outsourcing company you trust.

2.  Give them the Software they need. 

If you find the right outsourcing company, you can choose between the software and hardware you use. It’s best to chat with your outsourced bookkeepers so that you’ll have an idea about what apps they’re good at operating and see if they have a preference for certain applications and certain ways of doing things. It will speed up productivity if you install the software and hardware they are most familiar with working with.

3. Give them Guidance.

You can also make face to face calls with them. If there are any changes to your company or new clients are coming in, then keeping them informed about this and letting them know the general flow of things inside is important. This is what is needed to keep them motivated. If you call them from time to time to check whether things are working well then they know they have a manager who cares for them.

We give you On Site Supervisors to make sure your staff are doing their jobs. So there’s never a moment where your outsource bookkeepers are left to their own devices.

4. Give them Bonuses. 

If it’s possible for you to give performance bonuses from time to time for quotas met, then why not? You won’t be needing this though if they’re already relatively well paid. But if it helps you should give your outsourced bookkeepers room for growth. And if there’s an aspect about accounting or bookkeeping they’d like to know more, then you can accommodate them. There’s nothing worse than getting stuck in a job where you’re stagnating. This is the important because you want them to know that working for you has it’s payoffs and that they will be given a chance to advance their careers if they’re working for your current company.

5.  Ask them for Financial Analysis

Here’s the thing when you’re hiring an outsourced bookkeeping team, you can’t just use them as people to do number crunching. If you feel the need, you can ask them for financial analysis and a little bit of forecasting.

If you challenge them and even quiz them on certain things to look for confirmation or just to get another voice in your operations, then your outsourced bookkeepers will love that you’re making full use of their abilities.

iSuporta gives you Highly Trained Bookkeepers

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That’s all we are, we are your office away from home.

Have any questions? Contact us and we’ll see how we can help.