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    Outbound Call Center Services

    If you’re thinking about Call Center Services, normally they’re divided these days into Inbound, Outbound and Automated. But what exactly are Outbound Call Center Services. If you think about outsourcing, it usually means giving a set of sales, marketing and customer service routines to a group of people abroad.

    You’ll find out though that there’s a lot more flexibility with your outsourcing options if you find the right company.

    Are they solely about people making calls rather than taking them?

    For the most part, yes. But there are a whole lot of other functions involved in outbound customer service.

    Outbound Sales

    Outbound call centers are all about sales and marketing. Also, most contact centers you encounter have a combination of inbound, outbound and those relying on artificial intelligence.

    But the benchmark of outbound operations is sales and marketing. Normally, it’s about people reaching out to potential clients and making calls to ensure that you’re getting the right leads and attracting the right customers.

    Digital Marketing

    You can also consider your remote employees who work under the digital marketing umbrella as part of your Outbound Call Center Operations. They can include graphic designers, software app developers and event content writing specialists.

    You want to integrate their ideas with those who make the phone calls to ensure that when someone makes a call their ideas are resonating properly with

    Upselling or Cross-Selling

    This is a highly valuable skill even for customers. The thing is, if the options they aren’t looking for are not available, then upselling and cross selling can give them the better deals or ensure that they take something that is satisfying and they don’t leave the call empty handed.

    Lead Gen Outsourcing

    Outsourcing lead generation specialists is also about of your outbound operations. They will work hand in hand with sales to ensure that the clients you contact and those whom you attempt to close deals with are qualified and are likely to make a purchase.

    Lead sourcing requires resourcefulness but also an understanding of your industry. It requires the professionals to look into the niches where people are most likely to make purchases so that they can then work hand in hand with your sales specialists and they can make the calls you want.

    Outsourcing Collections

    If you have some accounts in place, then you should be sure that you get paid on time. Outsource collections specialists are the ones who make the calls so you don’t have to.

    Outsourcing collections ensures that you don’t stay behind in revenues because people who owe you are bound to pay up once you apply the right kind of pressure on them.

    Customer Follow-Up Services

    If you’ve already sold your products and services and customers have already purchased them, then it’s vital to stay in touch and if necessary, keep in touch with your clients to make sure they’re happy with their purchase. If they know you care about them and you find a way to engage with them, then

    Appointment Setting Services

    Appointment setting is crucial if you want to qualify your prospects in a way where they only gain benefits from the services that you offer. Outsourcing appointment setting is another way to ensure that you don’t waste time making cold calls or spend any more time in telemarketing.

    Through dealing directly with clients, this can be the best way to close a deal so that your audiences are the key decision makers and they are the ones who decide that working with you. And through a thorough scouting of any potential clients, you can eliminate useless leads and ensure your sales funnel is pure.

    Customer Satisfaction Surveys

    You can also run customer surveys from time to time using the metrics which conform to your products. Deploying these once in awhile can give you candid feedback and if there are areas you need to improve, then those can go along way in increasing the chances of making sales.

    Outbound Call Center Services with iSuporta

    If you outsource with us we’ll give you the outbound services you need along with the staff and equipment. You no longer have to shell out on overhead costs. You only pay for what you’re gonna get and there are no hidden charges.

    We hire college graduates and you can pay them well because of the low cost of living in the Philippines.

    You can also customize your outsource staffing packages so the roles we assign to your team fit with your current operational flows.

    Managed Operations gives you Creative Control

    You don’t have to relinquish all supervisory control when you outsource. You can still call your staff face to face and manage them as if you’re managing field staff. This is the ideal outsourcing arrangement.

    It’s also a choice between how much you want to manage and how much you want us to manage.

    Results Coaches to meet your Quotas

    We also have Results Coaches to make sure your workers are getting the job done and they’re not slacking off.

    Additionally, we pay their compensation and benefits and take care of the admin aspects. When you sign up for iSuporta outsourcing, you no longer have to worry about whether your employee’s salaries are computed and make it on time.

    You can focus on your front end tasks and rest assured that we will be taking care of the minutia.

    Schedule a call with us and let’s talk.