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    HR Outsourcing Companies

    There are times you want to start implementing things which result in your company’s growth. If you want to assemble a group of employees for scaling a global team then hiring new HR staff might be cumbersome and might add to your overhead costs.

    You want to make sure that the tasks you and your onshore team are doing absolutely fit your skill sets.

    Human resources pooling, recruitment and even the computation of government benefits can be tedious.

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    Here are some of the advantages you can avail if you choose to work with the best HR outsourcing companies.

    Risk management

    If your business includes sensitive data and information which cannot be taken for granted and requires secure and encrypted services then risk management becomes a clear advantage of outsourcing your HR functions. With the right outsourcing company, you can be assured that your assets are taken care of.

    Save time and money

    You don’t have to worry about the overhead costs. If you find the right remote staffing providers then all these things are already in check. You claim an outsourcing package that gives you the employees and the equipment you desire. Your other spending can be dedicated to your investments and further improving your front end tasks.

    HR functions are faster

    If you outsource, there is a great chance you can streamline these processes and there would be no need to worry about the minute details while you’re on the job. HR undoubtedly has many moving parts. And if you are an agency or you’re handling a lot of individuals, then that can get rather tedious. Having most of the difficult aspects of your jobs taken care of offshore can lift a tremendous burden off your shoulders.

    Employee monitoring and training

    This part can be an extra chore on your plate if these functions are handled internally. The thing is, you need to take care of employee development on a regular basis if you want your company to grow. If you outsource human resource functions such as this however, you will be giving them to people whose specialty consists of these main job responsibilities. These are the main perks of outsourcing employee training and development.

    Full service HR solutions

    You can opt for a full service HR solutions if you want to. If you need help with your sales or your marketing then an outsourcing company can provide one for you. You will get the software and hardware you need offshore and your operations will be performed to the degree you need them to. Conversely, if you only need some of the functions outsourced such as compensation and benefits you can also opt for those.

    You can customize you remote staffing arrangements based on your needs. Full service HR solutions means you get what you want, not something which is pre packaged as is the common practice in call center companies.

    Health insurance

    You can also rely on outsource staff to compute other aspects such as health insurance. This would ensure that your employees are given all the benefits they can. Insurance just like compensation and benefits can also be outsourced if they get tedious and if they consist of a lot of paper crunching and numbers and figures. It’s important to be able to scale easily through streamlining your operations. The way you do that is to partner with superb HR outsourcing companies.

    Payroll services

    You can also do something as simple as outsource payroll. This is a huge aspect of your company but one which contains multiple facets including government remittances, social security and health insurance. If you find a way to interface your workers with your outsourcing payroll department, then things get smoother and your workers get paid on time.

    HR outsourcing companies – Why is iSuporta different?

    The thing about outsourcing is it is often thought about as putting people in a box or securing a set of pre packaged remote staffing arrangements. At iSuporta we care about your full operational control.

    We are your office for hire.

    You manage and we take care of your tasks. There’s no burden for you and at the same time you retain creative control. And if being hands on is the type of arrangement you want, it is fundamental because we want you to gain the most traction from the type of business you do and nothing is more important than working with a company who cares about you’re your operational quality.

    Why the Philippines?

    There are many HR outsourcing options you have if you work with us. The Philippines is the central hub of business process outsourcing in Southeast Asia and can be relied upon to employ people who can speak perfect American or British English and can understand your needs.

    You will not be hiring disgruntled workers on an assembly line, you’ll be working with college graduates, top of the line HR professionals who know enough about the industry and are industrious enough to study the intricacies of your work and your organization there in the States.If you work with us, you can be assured that you’ll be getting highly paid remote employees who won’t just fudge over your workflows.

    1. Low cost of living

    The Philippines has a relatively low cost of living. You won’t have to spend much because your low wage is our high wage. Our staffing prices allow you to choose college graduates and HR professionals because that is what they do best. And they’ll be happy to do your work for you because of the pay that they’re getting.

    1. IT and tech support

    The benchmark of all remote staffing is IT and tech support. We make sure that there’s backup Internet and electricity to assure you that your workers can be able to do their jobs round the clock when it’s needed.

    1. HR assistance and compensation

    The best thing about working with us is we have our own HR to take care of our employees. Just as they care about your customer service staff and call center workers, they will be taking care of your offshore human resource staff.

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