5 Top Pet Peeves Employers have with Employees

Nothing is perfect, and sometimes, it is good to vent the problems you face, so that people can understand and adjust to them. We can find many reasons to get angry, but, it’s best to vent with peers and then find solutions.

The pet peeves of employers basically means some frustrations that you should be aware of when you hire and employee,  on or off shore.

  • They say they understand, but, they really don’t.
  • They show up late, or leave early.
  • Missing deadlines and not caring about that.
  • Misjudging the time to get something done right.
  • Countless excuses as to why they missed work.
  • Lying or embellishing on their resume.
  • Constantly asking for raises, but, doing less work.

Essentially, you want to be able to lay out your cards and this person can perform at their uttermost. If there are things you need to get done but can’t do yourself, that is the reason you hired them to begin with.  This doesn’t mean they can’t have an occasional gaffe every now and again.

However, their ability to do consistent work for you is what counts. If any of these affect your bottom line, certainly you need to hire the right employee. A worker who is highly motivated can efficiently perform his or her functions to the degree you require.

You can view the video above as I go into more detail about these tedious annoyances you might have. To avoid this, it simply is a matter of hiring the most competent Remote Staff. If you’re interested in how we can do custom hiring to suit your needs, then Contact Us and we’ll assist you.