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    The Pros and Cons of Outsourcing

    Outsourcing, offshoring, remote staffing are often used interchangeably. People outsource every day. If a company chooses to hire a third party to do their HR or accounting tasks for instance, that’s outsourcing.

    If a company opens another office in a foreign country, that’s offshoring. Conversely, offshore outsourcing or offshoring can also be used to mean a company who uses an outsourcing provider in a foreign country.

    Outsourcing office aisle of computers

    Managed operations is the best model you can get. You can call it Managed Remote Staffing if you want, but the most ideal arrangement is where you retain creative control.


    1. Outsourcing can increase company profits

    Outsourcing frees you up to offer more services to your clients for the same price or for a higher price but with superior quality. This is the thing which you should strive for if you choose to outsource your operations. You want to save money but at the same time increase quality to get more for your returns.

    1. Outsourcing improves the workforce

    Outsourcing can potentially improve the workforce. You can perform the front end tasks you’re used to doing like meeting clients and closing sales while your staff can work hand in hand with you. The admin functions, many of which are tedious can be outsourced to another organization if you find the right company.

    1. Outsourcing helps you grow and scale

    If you outsource, there is a chance you can reach more people and customers. You don’t have to market everything yourself. You can have an entire team to help you find potential customers and sales staff who can actually close some packages.

    1. Outsourcing can contribute to new ideas

    If you’re working with an outsourcing company you might give yourself new ideas. If you work with an onshore team they might have the same point of view but if you hire remote staff some of them may have been exposed already to your competitor’s methods. This can give you an edge over the kinds of work you create.

    1. Outsourcing is superior to freelance

    Outsourcing through Remote Staffing is the best of all worlds. You retain full control of your operations while at the same time your employees are kept accountable. They’ll be doing the tasks you assign to them and there won’t be any reason for you to fear that they’ll be slacking off because you will manage them the way you are managing field staff.


    1. Miscommunication

    In some outsourcing companies, there’s the issue of miscommunication, typically because some call centers are hell bent on performing their operations the way they’re used to doing it. They might have their own ideas on how to implement your workflow, when the truth is you’re the only person who should customize your tasks.

    1. No transparency

    There might be no transparency because if you leave your employees in a box, they might just go their own way. And even if they achieve your quotas and KPI, the way they handle the customers may not reflect your own values or your own branding. This is important if you want to grow and attract more customers.

    1. You are forced to conform to their standards

    If you have a company which forces you to conform to their style and not yours, that can be a problem. You want a remote staffing company which allows you to work within the bounds of how you feel is the best way to reach more people.

    1. Labor standards might be too low

    Labor standards in the country or place you outsource might be too low. And if this is the case, then you won’t be getting happy employees. In order to get the most for your money, you should work with people who are happy to provide you the things that you need.

    1. You get unqualified employees

    You might be getting unqualified employees or people who haven’t finished college. Or maybe they have, but they’re working in this position simply because they want a job and they don’t really care about your output. If you can get hands on in the screening process, that arrangement is surely going to offer you much more traction in terms of finding the right employees

    1. No cost transparency

    You may not be getting the best out of your needs. If there is no price transparency, or if you’re simply told you’ll get cheap labor, that isn’t going to wash. You want people who are competitively paid and motivated to give you the output you need.

    Why iSuporta

    iSuporta is a Call Center Philippines that offers you the most superb advantages in remote staffing.

    We call our brand of remote staffing as Managed Operations. This means we serve as your Office for Hire, your workplace away from home and we give you highly motivated and highly trained staff who can perform the outsource tasks you need.

    Managed Operations is the way to go if you want an office away from home but at the same time get highly skilled staff who are just as good or even better than your local workforce.

    Outsourcing with us Provides Full Cost Transparency

    You only pay for what you’re gonna get. There are no hidden costs. It’s a great idea to work with a team you’re confident about. You don’t have to pay for any overhead costs and we take care of your employees compensation and benefits. We are in full compliance of Philippine labor laws.

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