A real estate virtual assistant can always come in handy. Are you an agent? Do you perform data entry and scheduling?

It’s a rhetorical question but why do you do those tasks? Shouldn’t you be dealing with current and potential clients? Of course, that is what you are, you are the face of a Sales person. You cannot be replaced.

You need your time freed from the mundane tasks, and be able to scale your business by sending out tasks. Generally, these tasks can be done at USA rates or at Philippine rates. Basically, these are 80% Discounted for tasks listed below.

In all truth, there are some things in business you should never farm out to anyone. There are some things you simply can’t. In other words, focus on those jobs and let other people the the computer and desk stuff. It does not matter what your field is, you don’t even need to be in real estate to take advantages of the services of a good V.A. Encoding the MLS is unique to sellers of homes but of course, other facets such as setting appointments and organizing your listings carry across the spectrum of all businesses.

Get away from your desk, and get in front of people that want to buy and sell homes. In many ways, a real estate virtual assistant through managed operations is a superb way to delegate your tasks. In effect, this does not contain the pitfalls of freelancing or the transfer of control on traditional outsourcing.

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Items we do Great

Good Employees

  • 80 Hours of in-house training

  • Real Estate Agent License

  • University Graduate

  • Exams Passed,

  • Specialized Training

  • Internal RE Coach

  • Our VA’s make 2x the local $ Rate

  • All have Medical, Dental and Taxes paid

Eliminate the non revenue making tasks today