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    It is important to start thinking about how you present yourself in your eCommerce website. If you’re using Shopify, then your Shopify logo is going to come in hand and outsourcing graphic designers and a digital marketing team is a viable way to come up with some feasible solutions.

    If you’re just starting out, it does make sense to do things on your own, but if you want to start growing a global team, then it’s fundamental to get started in ways where it would greatly assist you to start making some of these additions to your brand.

    a female outsource remote staff doing graphic design services on a laptop and two monitors

    Some people don’t agree with outsourcing your most vital aspects of operations. And that is correct. Staying on the front end of sales, personally meeting with clients and closing sales with potential leads are all things you need to do yourself. But what happens when your business has sizably grown and you can no longer shoulder all your admin tasks?

    Graphic design and customer service are examples of those tasks. But so is the creation of logos and posters and other materials you may need for your campaign.

    Here are some tips to make sure you get the most out of your Shopify logo makers:

    1. Carefully consider what products and services you are selling

    Are you selling women’s purses? Or food? Or perhaps you’re selling school supplies for younger teens? It’s important to think about your target market so the way you design your output will be catered directly to how these people are working.  If these products require you to use a certain color scheme then think about these things so you can relay them to your graphic designer.

    1. Conducive to online shopping

    You should create content that makes your Shopify website conducive to online shopping. This is vital. If your copy writing won’t entice customers, then nothing will. Your logo and graphic design are simply aspects of this whole process and it requires you to focus in a way which contributes to how people perceive your brand.

    1. Make Shopify logo templates yourself

    Prior to hiring an outsource graphic designer, it’s also good to come up with some logo templates yourself. It’s fundamental that the way your output looks should be something you approve of. Once you start hiring your digital marketing team, then they’re going to refine it in Photoshop. But you need to give something to your remote staff to work with.

    1. Social media marketing for Shopify

    Shopify logos are simply one aspect of the whole job. You’re going to have to do social media marketing and graphic design plays a crucial role around these parts. You want to be able to manage the graphics and make sure they align with whatever is on your website. You can also make promos that make sure they jive with the whole affair.

    1. Web developers should work with Shopify logo

    Often, in making changes to the site you may affect the code or whatever is in your CMS. If that is the case, then bringing in your web developers or mobile developers is crucial so that doesn’t happen. Designing the aesthetics of your site also goes hand in hand with fixing the technical aspects. None fo these should be overlooked.

    1. Payment gateways

    You can also ask your graphic designers to mind the landing pages or the payment gateways. If there’s anything in those pages which may need fixing to entice the customers to take a call to action, then implement those things as well.

    Make sure you also work with your web developers to ensure the payment methods are actually finalized.

    1. Colors and aesthetics

    Mind the colors and aesthetics. For example, white text on black doesn’t read really well for people with astigmatism. And if you use red background colors it might be too harsh unless that is your intended effect. Study color theory and how it fares well with welcoming your customers.

    Sometimes, in creating your website, you should keep the aesthetics as viewer friendly as possible and you want people to start clicking on your calls to action.

    If you work with iSuporta you will get remote staff who are top of the line graphic designers who can absolutely conform with your requests regarding a Shopify logo.

    You won’t be getting freelancers, you will be getting managed remote employees who will work at the schedule you set using the tools and equipment you require.

    Hiring remote staff has never been easier, we’ll choose top notch digital marketing candidates and you can even hire an entire eCommerce website team if you’re want to start increasing your sales funnels.

    You can only gain momentum if you’ve used the right methods and your team is with you every step of the way.

    Full cost transparency

    We offer you full cost transparency. You get what you’re paying for and you don’t have to worry about overhead costs. We shoulder everything else. We have an HR and admin to provide for the compensation and benefits of your workers.

    Tech Support and Equipment

    We make sure your graphic designers have the right equipment and software. This allows you to direct your operations the way you normally do without the extra costs of having to train new staff at all. IT and Tech support makes you assured that your remote employees can deliver on all fronts.

    We manage, you manage

    You get a choice between how much we manage and you manage. We have On site supervisors to make sure your team is getting the job done the way you want them to. And it will be as though you are managing field staff. So don’t think of us as a traditional outsourcing provider, we’re a customized remote staffing company and we conform to local labor laws and statutes.

    If you have any questions, we’d love to hear from you.

    Schedule a call with us if you want to get started!