Hire a Virtual Assistant

    Qualities of a Shopify Virtual Assistant

    It is important that you find the right way of achieving your workflow is accompanied by hiring the right people. Shopify has become an efficient way to conduct ecommerce operations. Certainly if your business is small you can do it all yourself. Hiring a shopify virtual assistant can go a long way if you want to augment your operations but at the same time save money on operational costs.

    But what happens when you’ve already achieved a ceiling in sales and you’d like to grow your digital marketing campaign as well?

    Then the solution to that is finding a reliable outsource staffing partner who can provide you remote employees who are not only hardworking but also passionate about eCommerce and preferably familiar with how Shopify works.

    It’s necessary to be able to decide what tasks you want to outsource and those you are going to hand over to your virtual assistant.

    This provides you a framework to do your projects the right way and to avail customization which actually helps. To get into hiring your first virtual assistant, you must find an outsourcing partner who is willing to find top of the line candidates with the following qualities.

    1. Industrious with their VA tasks

    If they are hardworking and they care about your quotas, then these are the kinds of people who will take ownership of your company and start taking care of the tasks you need.

    1. Highly paid and highly motivated VA’s

    This obviously means you pay them right but if you find an outsourcing company who can allow them to receive competitive pay, then the more they will be motivated to put in more good work. And this ensures they’ll come to work every morning eager to get some work done for you.

    1. Asks questions about eCommerce

    If your virtual assistants are curious, then they’re more likely to ask you how you’d like things done and they will have precision as part of their workflow in terms of accomplishing their tasks. If your VA is conscientious enough about the way they do their work, then you’ll get fantastic output.

    1. Passionate about admin tasks

    Mostly a VA does a whole lot of admin tasks, they should be willing to do both creative and admin tasks. Hiring a virtual assistant will require their brain power for both creative tasks and other menial work which all comprise your entire operations.

    1. Familiar with online shopping

    They need to at least be familiar with shopify and other online shopping websites. From there they have the experience in web navigation and other quirks so they can also entertain customers in case you need them to help out with customer service.

    1. Accuracy

    If you’re going to be giving them a couple of finance and accounting tasks, some of the basics at least, then they’re going to need to be able to input these accurately so that there are little to no errors in your spreadsheets. In fact, since you may be dealing with purchases and other transactions in Shopify, then your remote worker needs to be conscious about information and details.

    1. Communicates well and is friendly

    A shopify VA can be used for customer service. If your business requires you to contact clients directly, then it’s important that they’re good over the phone and they know well enough to communicate your goals and state them with good authority. It’s fundamental to find VA’s who are great communicators.

    1. Resourceful in finding new eCommerce leads

    If there’s something you can’t find over the Internet and you need them to do your research for you, then a top notch virtual assistant would know how and where to look for the right resources. This is key to getting more leads and helping to scrape more resources in addition to those you have already gathered.

    1. Great in content writing and chat support

    If you want to start an ecommerce brand, then you’re going to need some fantastic content. It’s important that at first you write these yourself to set the tone, but hiring your VA would mean this person is also going to be excellent in doing content writing and other stuff to improve the chances of your sales funnel.

    1. Able to perform sales for online shopping and eCommerce

    They should be people with a little bit of sales savvy if you want your assistant to participate in your digital marketing campaign. If they have this kind of savvy, they can integrate well into your whole operations because not only will they be helping you with menial tasks, but they will be efficient in incorporating your efforts into a sales funnel.

    It’s important to find a shopify virtual assistant from the right place. This is the only way you are going to achieve a larger sales funnel. Your VA can also serve as your consultant in case you’re too busy so they can attend to some phone calls which you cannot attend to yourself.

    Using a chatbot for Shopify is super easy, however hiring a skilled VA is able to provide you a more customizable framework. You can change your workflows or have your VA’s attend to them.

    iSuporta has 100% accountability and full cost transparency

    If you work with iSuporta your Shopify virtual assistants will have the office space and equipment and we manage them when they’re on the clock so you don’t have to.

    This isn’t freelance. If you hire remote employees from us, you’ll be given full cost transparency so you know what you’re paying for. We make sure your remote staff are getting their tasks done. And if you work with us you can be as hands on or hands off as you want to be with your operations.

    If you find that remote staffing works for you, then you have found a way to grow and scale while saving money without compromising on quality.

    Contact us if you want to hire a Shopify virtual assistant.