There are times when small businesses need to reconsider their manner of operations or to be able to know when it is time to grow and scale. Covid-19 has been forcing many entrepreneurs to think about remote staffing.

Working with remote employees is a way of revamping the business plan of many companies. And even beyond the coronavirus pandemic outsourcing some of your tasks to the right company can be a way of gradually starting small and then growing your target audience.

You should decide what tasks you and your onshore team need to do and then delegate those which would help free up your time and your internal workers time in achieving your quotas. Most of all, it’s important to find a company who cares about their clients. And working with us will be nothing short of rewarding.

remote employees talking about their small business tasks

Here are some of the reasons why we love working with SMB’s

  1. Small business owners are creators

We are a Western remote staffing provider and our top management are people who also like to innovate and offer scalable solutions to our clients. We know that Westerners like to create, they are conscientious and they care about serving others.

In that way, we have the same work ethic. We provide highly motivated remote employees to do the admin tasks that you may not be able to attend to anymore given your workload.

  1. Small business owners provide opportunities for remote employees

This is a process of give and take. In the Philippines, there is a relatively low cost of living which then allows American business owners such as yourself the chance to save on costs and time, while at the same time allowing us to provide our employees with a sizable compensation which makes them highly motivated and eager to serve your bottom line.

  1. We enjoy working for small businesses with streamlined objectives

The nature of remote staffing requires the clients employ a streamlined and easily systematic workflow for remote employees to follow. Remote teams are generally motivated if they know what to do. The more our remote workers do these specific tasks we get better and we feel empowered in providing solutions and directions to the way you would like your ecommerce operations to run.

  1. We enjoy facilitating a remote team

We choose from the top of the line in Filipino remote employees. Those we hire also enjoy working with a team and most of all enjoy being hands on, to the degree that you want them – in assisting with your tasks. We feel like a stakeholder in your business and your successes are our successes and it matters that we empower you to do what needs getting done.

  1. We take pride in managing remote teams

You won’t be left alone just because you’re choosing to hire offshore offices. We have on site supervisors to check on the progress of your employees and make sure they’re doing their jobs right.

We enjoy guiding them through the workflows and making sure they’re accountable. And having worked with remote staff for a long time, we can say that those who are guided and overseen the right way enjoy their jobs the most.

  1. We enjoy supporting small business owners

In general, we take pride in being versatile enough to cater to the needs of small business owners. If you feel the need for outsource staffing has become necessary then working with us might be ideal. It’s important to set the tone and note what tasks need to be administered. You get to decide what tasks you’re going to offshore to us.

We know that your bottom line is what matters the most. And we enjoy the workflows which come with your taking advantage of our remote staffing packages.

Why iSuporta?

Scale more easily

You can also scale more easil, you don’t have to purchase additional assets over there in the States. We provide the equipment and the remote employees here, we provide them the productivity tools and we have on site supervisors and our management makes sure your staff members are all accountable.

Round the clock services

You can very well have round the clock operations without having to overshoot your overhead costs. You work in day time in the States, we work in the day in the Philippines, having an efficient 24/7 workflow. Furthermore, we can also change the work hours and shifts of your remote employees as you need them.

Highly paid remote staff

You know the best thing about outsourcing here with us at iSuporta? Is we pay our employees competitively, so much more so than average Philippines employees. Moreover, you’ll be getting the top of the line workers in the country to comprise your remote team. They will be highly motivated and just as eager about your quotas as you are.

What’s more is we offer you full cost transparency, you will know what you’re going to be paying for from the get go.

So don’t go with freelance. Your business can grow and we take care of all the processes for onboarding remote workers. You will get hired outsource staff and your customers will be a top priority for us.

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