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    Staffing for Start-ups: What are Key Roles you can Hire?

    Startups are often just great ideas and idealistic aspirations. Small business can take off of course if you find the right target market and products and services are of value.

    Things may start to get unwieldy though when it’s time to open up some office space and start hiring employees. And here’s the thing, it’s always best to hire people you know personally, and even work on some of the administrative work yourself – if they are reliable.

    Here are some of the staffing functions you may need when it’s time to start hiring employees for your startup.

    customer service agents also attending to customer complaints


    You can do this on your own if you’re used to it. But you’re going to need an extra hand when you’re making more sales, you’re closing more accounts or you’re outsourcing more services and paying some bills on a regular basis.

    You should manage and oversee these tasks yourself but hiring a helping hand when it’s time to delegate is ideal especially when the numbers and figures keep coming and it may be a little hard to keep track of.

    Customer service

    If you’re already making sales and you have a sizable following, then customer service is inevitable. Hiring customer service agents who have service specific training or accounts specific training can go a long way to satisfying customer queries, complaints and questions.

    Sales and marketing

    If you want to reach more people, then working with talented sales people who can do everything from lead sourcing, content marketing and telesales calls is vital. You should be able to indicate the kinds of formatting and approaches you want when it comes to sales.

    Web developer

    This position only comes into play if you’re putting a product or service out there and you would like more freedom to customize your website. This works hand in hand with sales so that you get conversions and sales when people visit your website. You can get more customization if you have web developer and if that is something you feel you should delegate.

    Project management

    If there are so many moving pieces to your work already and it’s hard to keep track of them all at once then hiring a virtual assistant or project manager is ideal.

    Virtual assistants are jacks of all trades. They know different functions and they can do various tasks including customer service, data entry, bookkeeping, email management and even chat support and appointment setting.

    If you feel you need a more generalized function in terms of the things you need assistance with, then hiring a virtual assistant is a great idea so you can get more done with little time.

    Outsourcing staff through Managed Operations

    Outsourcing these staffing functions is feasible if you find the right outsourcing company.

    Managed Operations or Managed Remote Staffing is the ideal arrangement because you get to keep creative control while being given the employees and the office space you need.

    If you hire the right company, you will also get highly paid, highly motivated employees who are doing what they love as they work for you. You don’t want to employ an assembly line whether you staff onshore or offshore. Workforce are people. Productivity and employee satisfaction go hand in hand if you find the right staffing arrangements.

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