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    If you’re wondering right now if there is a secret to motivating your remote employees, then there is. This is because employees and employers need to focus on engagement and productivity. Hiring remote employees is where it all starts of course, you need to make sure that the remote team members you assemble are people who are productive, accountable, generally happy and willing to work in a remote setting.

    engaging remote employees on a laptop conferenceengaging remote employees on a laptop conference

    If you’ve formed a newly remote team, then there might be a need for some adjustments. It’s obvious that you need to get them the right kind of equipment, office space, desk space and remote collaboration tools. Since your team is remote, you’ll need to communicate with them on a regular basis and there are tools for that including Zoom and Skype.

    But if you want them to be productive, accountable and happy with their jobs, aside from telling them what your quotas are, it’s important that you also make sure that you

    Pay them right.

    That’s right. You pay them right. There was once an actress who asked a director, “What’s my motivation?” meaning, what was her motivation for the scene.

    And the director replied,

    “Your salary.”

    Now, here’s the thing, this probably isn’t the highest order of concern for finding the right employee but the foundation of getting people to work for you and getting them to do it right is only possible if you pay them right.

    Pay them sufficiently or more than sufficiently.

    Sometimes, that’s not always possible. You’d need to give your employees a raise or at least make sure to balance that with overhead costs of renting an office, training them, providing them the equipment and all other overhead costs which you may need to concern yourself with. Of course you should monitor remote staff but motivation is far more encouraging as a form of getting them to improve their work.

    Your workers are people with needs and if you take care of their immediate needs that’s when they’ll be motivated to care about your projects and they will treat your projects as their own.

    You keep employees happy through taking care of them.

    It’s true that you need to give them a clear pipeline for things to work with.

    If you hire the right people and they know the different phases of the project you’re working with then there is a chance that employees receive the initiative from themselves and they’ll be the ones spearheading your IT, your ecommerce, your digital marketing needs and they’ll even push themselves to meet or go beyond your KPI’s because you took care of their very basic needs, their compensation.

    That’s not always possible though, in the States you may have gone fully remote, declared temporary closure or perhaps are downscaling your business.

    This doesn’t mean you can’t go international or global in terms of the reach your product and service can afford.

    There are ways to ensure that you’re getting highly paid, highly motivated employees and on your part it’s going to be cost effective.

    A possible way to do that is freelance, you can pay someone directly without overhead costs and you get to outsource some of your tasks to a remote employee in Upwork or LinkedIn.

    The thing about freelance is, you’re hiring someone who’s deciding their own time and sometimes, they want to take the most advantage of an employer without really caring about their own quotas and bottom line.

    Make your remote employees feel that they are part of your business and they too are leaders in your respective practice. It first begins with empowering them and then giving them the tools and the support they need to meet your tasks. Taking care of your remote workers ensures they’re going to treat your quotas as theirs.

    Whether you hire a customer support agent or a digital marketing specialist, you would expect the same high levels of quality output so your company isn’t watered down to something less than it could be.

    iSuporta – find the right remote staffing partner

    Finding the right remote staffing company is where it’s at. If you outsource to a company which offers managed remote staffing then you’re at the perfect balance between compromising with freelance or sweat shop call centers or having to spend for everything through managing all your field staff in the States.

    You can work with your in-house team back home but you can also very well delegate some backend tasks to your outsource remote team in the Philippines.

    Long before Covid 19 we’ve been doing remote staffing, the right way. We take care of the equipment needs, the compensation and the time monitoring for employees. We have on site supervisors to make sure your team are doing things the right way.

    We have our own human resources team and we take care of the compensation and benefits, again in compliance with Philippine labor laws.

    You also will see with full cost transparency how much you will need to pay before recruiting your remote team.

    It’s important that with your field staff in the States as well, you take care of their immediate needs. Ask them if they have any concerns or fears coming from the coronavirus or otherwise. You get what you pay for, but also you get what you give.

    Sometimes, the needs of your field staff are with their mental health or their family concerns, then that is something you also need to take into account.

    You save on labor costs if you invest in the right employees and you transform your workforce into a dynamic and flexible arrangement if you work hand in hand with your field staff and partners in the States while you allow us to manage your offshore remote office.

    At iSuporta, we make sure you’re happy with the day to day output of your clients and you can do face to face calls with them in the online conferencing platform of your choice. You don’t have to do it every day, we can manage your remote staff on days where you need to focus. You set the tone, we’re just here to make sure they get the job done.

    Ask us some questions if you need anything!