Ok, Most of the Answers here are self serving.

If you ask what the Best Call Center in the Philippines is, most of the answers are going to be self serving.  Of course we should be proud of our own companies, if they do what they say. Ultimately, you have to make your own decision, by due diligence, trial and error, and recommendations.

First, it’s good that you’ve decided to use a call center rather than not. That is the first step, now, you can decide among them.

Ultimately, they all do the same thing, provide a person with a computer and a phone, to do some tasks that you as a customer request. You have to decide how to do it specifically. Do you need Managed Services? Do you want to hire the people yourself? Do you want us to help you with the tasks? Will you train the staff or just train the trainer?

Other issues include, how do you feel about the employees that are working for you? Do you care if they are in a sweat shop?

or nice environment, like the one in our office?

Will you pay extra to make sure they are happy? What is their work life? If you have a heart, you will, but, even if you don’t, you should know, happy employees will give you better results anyways. Not to mention turnover, with people leaving and coming, causes many problems.

The Best Call Center has the most Superb Infrastructure.

What is the back end of the facilities? in the sense of, what backup ability of data, electric, and internet do they have. What will happen in case of emergency in the building, fire, flood, and so on? That’s why some customers don’t mind paying for larger companies and more pay, because they have security of systems. As terrible as it sounds, if a country far away has some issues, your business can be affected.

Then, you also have to look at the owners and managers of the company. How do you feel about them? You are entering a business relationship, that will hopefully be a long time. Can you deal with them when there is problems? like paying, people management, processes, etc.

Where do you want to visit or send your local employees as well? What are local accents like? what will your customers deal with when talking to them? What is the local government like? Stability of the country and infrastructure.

Ok, maybe I’ve gone away from the original questions. Perhaps you knew all these things. Of course I’m biased towards our company. I am trying to be as objective as possible. Of course we promote our path, but, we also live it. We create our service based on what we would want. In fact, we use our own services for our own ideas to incubate our western standards and ideas. So, we do actually practice what we preach. We also have a few Joint Ventures with happy customers that want to work with us.

The Best Call center in the Philippines (or anywhere) is the one that you can answer most of the points I’ve mentioned in a positive manner. My suggestion, is to try a few BPO’s initially, and see which one generates better results, and which one you get along with the most. It’s “ok” to change a few times before you settle and grow with one location. We are very comfortable with that, as we know in time, you will learn which is better vs worse in this space. It’s definitely a long game, that’s how most business grow best.

Good luck with your search.

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