When is a call center the busiest?

That’s a broad question, because you didn’t say which country or Region. The answer to this question actually varies and Call Center serves which Market. For example, in the Philippines, it’s roughly 12 hours away from East Coast USA. Depending on the market or Demographic such as stay at home parents vs 9–5 workers vs service calls for car dealerships or Real Estate support, you’d have to take that peak and subtract 12 hours from it. For Example:

  1. Stay at home parent
    1. 10am to 4pm
    2. New York Area
    3. Minus 12hrs.
    4. Equals 10pm to 4am Philippines time.
  2. Stay at home parent Demographic
    1. 10am to 4pm
    2. California (PST)
    3. Minus 15hrs
    4. Equals 1am to 7am Philippines time.

That obviously changes if you are targeting the person who comes home after 6pm, then you’d do the same process but for them. Sometimes you can in fact take advantage of what a good company has to offer. Have you ever thought of offshoring your operations while still cutting costs? Through using the right provider you can be able to achieve your goals while staying focused more on your business ends.

Ask yourself how you can grow your global team and reduce costs.

It’s becoming a global, 24/7 world. Efficiency means running all around the clock for many different clients. When is a call center the busiest must depend on its operations. This shows that keeping the costs low and productivity high to improve the lives of our workers and the quality of our product at the same time. It’s very possible but the devil is in the details.

What this means is that it isn’t all that important when a call center is most packed with its schedule. What ultimately counts for something is their ability to deliver the goods as you state the terms of your operations.

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